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    windows 8

    e-mail support win 8

    Windows 8 is a god awful os. MS had the gall and arrogance to tell the users and buyers how THEY expect for us to operate our computers. MS eight is an arcade and for tinkers and as far as I'm concerned has no place in business and is suitable for those teeny boppers who play with their new terminology. What's more is MS is telling us that,after we buy MS 8, that they no longer support POP servers. Well, there are thousand of people who have POP servers and I will not change just because MS made a decision. And of course MS knows all and can't make a mistake; they are infallible . I have been a PC and MS user from the dawn of computing but I returned my pc with win 8. I have several laptops that I searched wide and far for that had win 7 on them. No problems. I got so thoroughly disgusted and took many hours of my time to try and get around the e-mail problem that I just don't want to deal with ms and win 8 products. I finally succumbed and bought an apple macbook air for travel. It set up in an instant and has all the features that I want. Goodbye ms and win 8. Too bad that all the computer manufactures that put win 8 on their new computers are going to regret that decision. There are a lot of angry customers and I hope ms burns for this. The salesman at stores like Best Buy tell me that there are a lot of returns for win 8 computers. Heads should roll at MS.

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    Win 8 64-bit

    Windows Live Mail is still available (which supports POP3 accounts), it just doesn't come with Windows 8 as standard. Instead, it comes as part of the Windows Essentials 2012 package, which can be downloaded here:
    Windows Essentials - Download Windows Live Essentials
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    Hello, newbie1. Welcome to Eight Forums.

    Not sure why MS omitted POP. Probably security reasons. Nor sure. There's a work around. Create an account if you don't have one.

    1. Log in to online.
    2. Hit the sprocket in upper right corner > "Choose More mail settings".
    3. Choose "Your email accounts".
    4. Under "Add a send-and-receive account if you are sending and receiving email from your POP account" choose "Add a send-and-recieve account". Fill out information and follow procedure.

    You may also want to look at post #12 of this thread here: no pop email in windows 8 email app?

    Windows 8 and apps are great IMO if given time.
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    Win 8 64-bit

    The problem with that is although it can retrieve POP3 mail from other mailboxes, it won't send SMTP email from your own mail account. Therefore, when you send an email it will be coming from your Microsoft email account, instead of your domain.

    So for example, although you can receive email addressed to, when you send email it will be addressed from
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    Yes, admittedly that is a problem. However, if one has an account it is not. I've had two Live accounts since introduction. One personal and one business.
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    windows 8

    Thanks to all who replied to my post re: e-mail on win 8. Unfortunately, I have tried and used all the suggestions that have graciously been offered. after all the effort, I still could not send e-mail out with windows live in win 8. I used outlook and did down load windows essential. I spent a lot of time trying to do all of this and it remained that I could not send e-mail. I have several other pc's that have win 7 and have had no problems. It is extremely difficult to buy what I wanted with win 7 installed. Therefore, I reluctantly succumbed and bought an apple Macbook Air. It set up in minutes and so far very happy with it and still not very happy with Microsoft. Thanks again.
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    Win 8

    My grand daughter has a MacBook and I have Win 8 x 64.

    I am equally pleased with each. I have a Gmail account, an one and a Comcast account, each for different purposes. POP 3 is not an issue.

    Apple needs some intuitive searching and not all sites are directly compatible.

    If you are happier with your MacBook we are happy for you but with time you would have been able to find the email or mail that would have suited you with Win 8.
    MacBook for instance lacks the "send to" feature. That would have irritated me as I use it so often rather than drag and drop.

    To each his own and nothing is perfect. We are happy that you are happy.
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    Windows 8.1 Pro

    personally, I like POP. but it's a dying dodo. it's less efficient and it has security issues. all companies are moving away from POP.
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e-mail support win 8
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