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IE10 last straw

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    IE10 last straw

    system - win 8 64 bit

    At one time IE10 seemed to work okay - and I definitely like the functionality of the thing.

    Then it had issues with YouTube - would not play videos directly - had to select "old version" etc., updated browser needed, wrong version of flash, etc. none of that was true. Ridiculous - of course FF and Chrome played everything normally without issues.

    Then it was Yahoo Calendar - YC updated their software after which it became incompatible with newer versions of IE and Win 8 - hogwash.

    So in frustration I have migrated to Chrome - guess what IE10? everything works great in Chrome.

    Sorry MS/IE but I am done - if you get it fixed I will be back, but until then I am done.

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    If you have any business to do on dot-gov websites, Chrome is not compatible with some of those, especially those that have any popup controls. You'll just have to see which ones work in which browser. For me, it was the electronic copyright office, I was not able to make upload deposits with Chrome, I had the browser open ready to go, had to switch to IE10 to finish.
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IE10 last straw
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