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Auto purge mail from panel.

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    Auto purge mail from panel.

    Ihave two questions on the mail panel in win 8.
    Itis sync with my hotmail. And I look at it occasionally, but preferredgoing to Outlook to do my email activity.
    HoweverI notice the deleted items have reached 137 and do not seem toperform any auto cleanup.
    1.Is there a way I can set the deleted items to be erased after Xnumber of days?
    2.Can I remove these deleted items as a bulk(more than one)?
    Theonly way I know how to remove these items is highlighting 1 per itemand clicking Cntl-D.
    PS: As stated above, I am using as my primary mail activity.the delete option there is working fine. When I first configured mylaptop, I sync my old Hotmail with the win 8 mail panel(frontscreen). It is here where I am having a bulk of deleted mail which Ican only purge manually. When I right click "deleted" namenothing happens. Is there a way to remove these deleted items inhotmail that exist on my front panel screen.
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    Hello, tomx2. Welcome back.

    I'm fairly new to since I just changed from the, so please bear with me.

    I don't see or know of any way to be erased after an x amount of days unless it can be performed online. Go to and sign in. Press the cog wheel next to your name. Select "More Mail Settings". There's a ton of them.

    So far as deleting, right click an empty space and the bottom menu will slide up. Push "Select all" while in any folder or use Ctrl/A without the menu. Simply press another option or press Delete key to delete all. One needs to be careful, for there no longer exists a warning popup. Once they're deleted, they're gone.

    Just to let you know, there's a "Rate and Review" option in Settings within the Charms Bar. One can make suggestions to improve the app such as your time deleting option. There's also Help under Settings as well.

    Hope that helps.
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    Hi HippsieGypsie.

    I tried as you requested to delete-all by right clicking on an empty space in my hotmail.
    A bottom panel came up with the following selections. sync, pin to start move and mark unread.
    I selected cntl-a, but nothing was selected. I do not believe my hotmail is sync with
    I have a separate icon on my desktop that i use now. However as I mention before
    when I configured my old hotmail, i cannot remove deleted items as a bulk. There is a icon (at the top right) in this mail panel to delete one item per line cntl-d. Basically I do not see my hotmail in sync with the mail screen.
    When I delete an item from, It still shows in the hotmail (mail panel).

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    Does your Store tile have a number on it? It's for app updates. You may not have the latest updated Mail app.

    They moved everyone from Hotmail, Live mail, etc. to consolidate in That's what the app should be refreshing from. Right click for menu to refresh/sync.

    Try left clicking on an email to delete (re-highlight) and press Ctrl/A or right click menu option. I found that I needed to do that early on, but haven't been since one of the updates, so I think that's fixed.

    I'm curious to see if you have the latest version.
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    Ok... it looks like I'm getting somewhere. I left click on a deleted item and then hit cntl-A and all my 141 deleted items were highlighted. I deleted them all Great! My store apps have a number 11. Regarding syncing you stated right click for menu to refresh/sync. Can u be a little more specific exactly where or what panel i right click. I right click on the start menu and the bottom panel pops up with all apps icon.

    thanks for your help.
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    You're quite welcome, tomx2. Ok good on the headway. It's taken me some time to learn the app, especially when they keep adding options to them via Store updates. That's what the number appearing on the Store tile is for. The number of updates. I had to get in the habit to check this periodically. Do you know how to update apps via the Store app? Have you performed this to make sure you have the latest Mail app and other apps?

    In the Mail app right click brings up the lower Options menu bar when viewing in any Mail box/folder of any account. Sync is at the left. (I've blocked out some added folders in one of my accounts here)

    Attachment 20273

    When a box/folder is empty some options at the right in the bar menu will not appear. These are the individual or ganged group options. The left side are the folder options.

    Attachment 20274

    Hope that helps.
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Auto purge mail from panel.
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