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    Windows 8 Mail App

    I'm using an offline account in Windows 8 and I tried to log in to the mail app only and that worked just fine.
    But I've never used a mail client before and instead always just logged in at
    I have only tested it for a little while and so far it seems pretty good. About once a day though I'm getting suspicious spam e-mails (and have for years) that go straight to the junk mail, and I never open those because if I'm not mistaken it's possible to get viruses just by opening an e-mail and not clicking any links.

    In the Mail app these are automaticaly opened on the right side when a mail is highlighted, should I worry or not?

    Is there a way to be notified when a mail arrives when I'm at the Windows Desktop?

    What's your experience with the mail app in windows 8? Are there any reasons why I should not use it?

    Thank you in advance!

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    Welcome to Windows EightForums, homtr.

    So far as notifications:

    How to manage notifications for Mail, Calendar, People, and Messaging - Microsoft Windows Help

    So far as Junk mail; I wouldn't worry about getting a virus by viewing them. Most viruses are in attachments, so don't open those.

    Just learning the app myself. I don't have any junk mail so I can't experiment. Does right clicking on a junk email give options to add domain or address to a blocking list as in Windows Live Mail?
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    Hello homtr,

    In addition, the tutorials below can also help with the email sound and notices.
    The right side is just the preview window for the selected email. It doesn't actually open the email unless you double click/tap on it.

    Personally, I use Outlook 2013, but the Mail app is a good basic email client program.

    Hope this helps,
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Windows 8 Mail App
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