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How to filter mail with a Live account in Outlook 2007?

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    How to filter mail with a Live account in Outlook 2007?

    Following on from the thread about changing Windows Live ID (New mail address, new Windows Live ID???), and successfully integrating the new account into Office Outlook 2007, I'm discovering to my disappointment that the new account can't filter mail.

    With my old pop/smtp account, I could set up rules to divert mail from specific groups or senders to a specific folder. For example, my pop account filters out and places email from the various Yahoo forums I subscribe to into specific folders created for the purpose. This is the function of the "create rule" facility in Outlook 2007.

    Now the new Windows Live email setup is what they call an imap account. It has its own pst file and its own inbox and outbox in Office 2007 Outlook. These can't be merged with the old inbox or outbox because they're two different systems apparently.

    What I can't understand is why I can't "create rules" for mail coming through my Live email account. Or rather, I can create the rules, but the imap system just doesn't follow them. No Yahoo forum mail is placed automatically into the relevant Yahoo forum folders in Outlook 2007.

    Have I misunderstood something, because an email service/account which doesn't allow me to create rules or filter mail, is not really much use to me

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    you might be able to set up rules if you go into the web version of the live email account
    This way it will filter before it gets into your outlook 2007
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    It's a good idea, Robinb9, and I've created a few bespoke folders on the web page which (or - I don't know which of them does the actual work) is good at sorting mail to. But they don't end up in my Outlook 2007, which is where I want to have them.

    Another thing, the "create rule" facility on fails sometimes to recognize whether a mail is from a private individual or a forum or group. For instance, in the case of one of the yahoo groups that I'm a member of, it only recognizes the address of the person contributing to the message board of that group, not the address of the group itself. That makes it impossible to create a rule for messages from that group. There are no such problems in Outlook 2007.

    So I've experimented enough with live mail. Not for me. Only problem is, I can't now change my Microsoft account ID to the address I now use in preference to the live mail one. There's a six month quarantine on new IDs, it appears.
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How to filter mail with a Live account in Outlook 2007?
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