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pop mail to outlook?

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    pop mail to outlook?

    For some years I have used Outlook Express to manage mail from my isp's pop webmail service.
    Now I have a new computer with win8 and fear I may be stuck with using Windows 8 Mail (which I really can't get on with) or going back to the ISP's own system.
    Is there any way of using windows live mail or in windows 8 ? Not too complicated please as I'm far from young and not at all geeky. Thanks

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    I'm using Windows Live Mail 2012 with no problem in W8.
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  3. #3 is a very simple, easy to use web-based email client. If you're looking for a real email client, there are a few free ones out there. eM email is a good one, windows live mail which is a part of windows live essentials, Incredimail, all are free and I have used them all.
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    Hello, Greybeard. Welcome to EightForums.

    I find the Windows Mail app to be very good because they simplified mail. I realized this once I learned the app.

    The problem I see, though, is that you have a pop account which for some reason the app does not accept, although it shows up as an option in the "add account" menu. However there is a work around.

    To get you started, while in the app, place the mouse pointer in the upper or lower right hand corner to bring out the Charms bar (or Windows key plus C). There is a Help there.

    You may want to obtain a MS Live account to simplify the whole process. I will expound on that if you'd like.

    Again, welcome.
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    windows 8 mail can use pop accounts through a workaround. but there are plenty of other options if you don't want to use the windows 8 mail app.
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    Thanks folks for for your advice, I'm still thinking around it. A couple of problems though. Trying to download windows live mail I get something like "this app cannot run on your PC". Also, whatever I try, I can't find any relevant help page from the charms bar.
    I'll scratch around for a bit and come back in due course - maybe after a good night's sleep
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    Just to clear things up a bit, I've had a look at my ISP's mail program and they changed it quite a bit so that is now quite usable. I've also found my way a bit further around Win8 mail and I guess I could manage with that if only it had something like the toolbar on Outlook Express.
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    WLM is similar to Outlook Express just fancier, but it does pop accounts just fine
    I am using wlm 2011 on 7 and Windows 8 with no problems
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    what are the feature you need? that would help with knowing whether the windows 8 mail app can be used by you.
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    @robinb9. I get your point but I suspect that on most recent machines MS are trying to block all but Win8 mail progs. This machine is only a few weeks old with oem win8 on board which *might* have something to do with it?

    @dirtyvu. I guess what I really want is to see all the options set out in front of me (so I don't have to think too hard) rather than having to click all over the place in order to remind myself of what's there. Put it down to age if you like
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pop mail to outlook?
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