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Slow connection with Waterfox

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    Microsoft Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 64-bit

    Slow connection with Waterfox

    Couple of weeks ago I installed Waterfox, because I read somewhere it is for 64 bit systems and hellish fast.

    I had been using chrome.

    I didn't see much difference, in fact it appeared to me to be, if anything, slower than chrome.

    I eventually got around to doing a speed test at - The Global Broadband Speed Test

    I was surprised to see that water fox was only downloading at 3.5 mbps.

    I fired up chrome and it was doing 13+.

    After fooling around I have discovered that waterfox is dog slow, but if I open chrome, Waterfox speeds up.

    If I close chrome Waterfox slows down again.

    Hopefully someone knows the reason.?

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    Hi Dellboy7,

    My recommendation (at this point) is to download the Firefox (portable 32 bit version), click the exe file (which will unzip it), and do a speed test compare under the same circumstances. Now, if Firefox 32 bit works OK on its own, then I would dump the Waterfox 64 in a heartbeat! IMHO, using the 32bit (supported) version will not slow you down noticeably.

    Download Portable Software/USB from
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    Microsoft Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 64-bit


    Downloaded and installed.

    Tried the speed test and got 0.99 mbps. Then opened chrome and still using firefox got 12.25 mbps.

    Going back to chrome would be simplest fix.

    But can't help wondering whats going on.
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    Wow! I though for sure your speed would return to normal with Firefox x32. You got me on this one but I suspect it has something to do with Chrome. Now, if I were in your position (and I'm not), I'd try uninstalling Chrome to see if that fixes the Firefox problem, and, if so, I would ditch Chrome because that would prove it is obviously using something in the background that is affecting other things (maybe that Google Update service?). Anyway, you sound like the adventurous type but I'm getting out of here before the Chrome supporters attack!

    Sulu... Initiate warp speed 7 and take us out of orbit quickly!

    Kirk out!
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    Microsoft Windows 8 Pro with Media Center 64-bit

    Uninstalled chrome, restarted pc and got 11.85 mbps.

    So that's good enough.

    May 4th be with you.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dellboy7 View Post
    May 4th be with you.
    I like that!

    Cheers and Kirk out!
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Slow connection with Waterfox
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