Ok, just got a new laptop at work. It is a Toshiba Satellite running windows 8.

When the computer is connected to my workplaces wifi it loads some websites fine, like google.com. But there are others that don't load, such as facebook.com or ab.com. This is the same issue whether I'm on Internet Explorer 10 or Chrome.

But if I connect the computer to the internet through the Wired connection (with Ethernet cable) it is not an issue. Also, if I connect to my home wifi connection no problem.

Also, there are many computers connected to my workplaces wifi, some are windows xp and some are windows 7. They do not have this problem.

One person I work with also just got the same laptop as me and is having the same problem.

I have tried many solutions I found online but none have seemed to help. Clearing SSL state, making sure date and time are correct, making sure everything is updated, and trying compatibility mode.

I can't find where this issue might be originating from. Any ideas?