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Is there a way to block senders in windows 8 hotmail?

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    Is there a way to block senders in windows 8 hotmail?

    I can't find anyplace in Hotmail in windows 8 to block senders. Is there a way to do this. The only options I see is to put it in spam but that doesn't work as I get the same spam messages.

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    Yes there is and VERY effective. Windows 8 is the absolute best ever OS for this and other things.

    It's found on your E-mail page along the top selections not elsewhere

    I was receiving sometimes 30 - 40 junk E-mails in my regular and junk mail in HALF a DAY. It was just outrageous.

    I messed around with all of the available settings in E-mail and learned all of them. I suggest that you tinker with them one by one methodically and acquire the proper desires.

    You will find that you can black list the undesirables. It's best if you do it yourself to become familiar.

    Further, before I learned, I was deleting the junk one page at a time, highlighting each entry until I found the "empty" feature that deletes ALL junk and all delete with one click. It was becoming an onerous daily morning chore.

    Now my junk has fallen to a very few.

    But be careful about who you black list. If you select ALL you will send your friendlies to purgatory too and never hear from them again.
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Is there a way to block senders in windows 8 hotmail?
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