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Importing contacts from Vista's Win Mail to Win8 mail

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    Importing contacts from Vista's Win Mail to Win8 mail

    I got instructions off Microsofts site on how to transfer my contacts list but it involved "the cloud" which I can't be bothered with, I want things on MY computer thank you! And I don't want an account.

    So using Windows explorer I went to the Windows Mail folder and double clicked a file (forgot the name now) it opened up the import files box (like other Windows incarnations has given us) and I selected import CSV file and directed the application to the flash drive upon which my 'old' CSV file was stored.

    I noticed the WAB file, in the same folder, suddenly increased in size to 568k so obviously the import was successful, however on going into the Mail app, I'm told I have no contacts!

    what has happened to them? And how do I import then - manually

    Thanks in advance

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    Judging by the lack of response I guess no one else had been able to do this except via the idiotic Microsoft cloud approach.

    I've therefore solve the problem by ditching this mail program and downloading Windows Live Mail - which lets you do all those essential things you want a program to let you do!
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    do you still have the vista computer? if yes, install WLM onto the computer
    As it installs it will move everything from windows mail to WLM
    Now all you need to do is backup Wlm, you can use the tutorial I have attached on how to back it up
    Once it is done, Install WLM on windows 8
    do the same instructions but instead of using export you can use import.
    It will put everything in the Storage Folder
    All you will need to do is copy and paste the emails inside the inbox and outbox to the main email account
    If you created folders you need to make those and move the emails in them from the Storage Folder
    This pdf works for WLM 2011 and 2012
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    Yes that's exactly what I ended up doing.
    Why Microsoft decided to make the new mail program that comes with 8 so in-user friendly I just don't know
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Importing contacts from Vista's Win Mail to Win8 mail
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