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How do I 'Create an association for my email Contacts'?

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    How do I 'Create an association for my email Contacts'?

    When I select an email Contact in my File Explorer & right click on it & select 'Send to'>'Mail recipient', a dialog box titled 'EMAIL' opens saying: 'There is no email program associated to perform the requested action. Create an association in the 'Default Programs' control panel. I opened up 'Default Programs' in the 'All Control Panel Items'.
    I selected 'Associate a file type or protocol with a program', the 'Set Associations' box opened, I scrolled down to the title: 'Mailto' with a Description of URL:mailto & the 'Current Default' as 'Mail'.
    Directly above this line is one with the 'Current Default' is 'Windows Contacts' with the name of LDAP? I've never had to deal with this type of thing before & I'm at a loss as what to do next! All help appreciated.

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    I'm not following your explanation.

    I don't have E-mail contacts in my file explorer.

    Can you further describe what you want to accomplish as it pertains to the E-mail ?
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    I transferred a list of my email addresses, (Contacts) from my old laptop to this new one & they opened up in 'File Explorer' under the title 'Contacts'.
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    This came up before recently.

    Win 8 draws a distinction between "contacts" and "people". It is "people that are your E-mail names/addresses.

    Try this:

    Go to start and just type "contacts" then open the box. That will take you to your File Explorer.

    Then go to start and type "people" that is your E-mail names/addresses.

    When you send an E-mail you click on "new" and a text box opens upper left. There is the word "TO" Clicking that will open your "people" listings.

    If there are no names something went haywire.
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    Are you saying wetibbe that I have to type up anew every single one of my email addresses in the 'People' app? At the moment I go to my 'Contacts' list in 'File Explorer' click on the email address & my 'Mail' app opens up with the address already in the 'To' box.
    I though there must be a way to get these addresses over to the 'People' app without having to do all that typing again. Why when I send an email doesn't the address automatically create a partial 'People' account?
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    No, I didn't say that.

    Your E-mail account is actually kept on someone else's server.

    There are two ways to open your home page. There big blue E on your desk top and the little blue E on your task bar. They give different results.

    There is the Microsoft account and the Hotmail account. These are two separate accounts that look different but both contain your E-mail. Too you can access your E-mail using Foxfire or Google.

    I bought my new computer in December 2012 with Windows 8. I opened my E-mail and all people were there.

    Another computer's hard drive crashed. I installed a new one and loaded Windows 8 Pro a clean HDD. My E-mail people were there.

    I have another computer with Windows Vista Home Premium. All of my E-mail account people and E-mails are there.

    I can go to any of the three and get my E-mail. It's all there but on some other server someplace else.

    But I don't have any contacts in my File Explorer. It's empty.

    I'm only saying that when you transferred or upgraded something went haywire.
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    Hi there. Open the People app. Open Charms Bar there. Settings. Select Help. One of the FAQs is how to add contacts to People.

    Hope that helps.
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    Are you saying wetibbe that when you bought your new computer with Win8 & clicked on the 'Mail' app all your people were automatically were there, & you didn't have to Import them from another PC.
    When I bought my new laptop last month, I called up Virgin who provides my broadband & holds all my emails, the technician there opened up the email acct. for me by remotely controlling my laptop. However, no email addresses were transferred. I imported them myself with 'Windows Easy Transfer'. Why do they give instructions of how to open an email acct. in 'Mail' if you say there's a way to do it automatically.
    What's this big 'E' on my desktop? I only have an 'E' in the taskbar which is for opening 'Windows Explorer'.
    Are you also saying that all your email addresses were already in the 'People' app.?
    It sounds like I'm missing out on a lot of stuff here. I transferred all my Docs, Music, Photos & Email Contacts from my old laptop with explicit detailed instructions, but there wasn't any reference to the 'People' app at all!
    Where am I going wrong? And this still isn't getting my email addresses into the 'People' app automatically without having to do a lot of typing.
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    Are you saying wetibbe that when you bought your new computer with Windows 8 & clicked on the 'Mail' app all your people were automatically were there, & you didn't have to Import them from another PC.
    Only if one signs into one's PC with a Live account, but you can import from another email account.
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    Hi Hippsie Gypsie, How can I tell what kind of email acct. I have. It's titled NTLworld which is part of my email address & is now Virgin, who as I say set it up for me. I'll have a look at that Help suggestion, I guess I have to type in the search box what I want because it's not one of the items listed.
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How do I 'Create an association for my email Contacts'?
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