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How do I 'Create an association for my email Contacts'?

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    Let's try this:

    Go to start. Place the mouse arrow *( if you have a mouse ) on the desktop icon. Right click. There you should see the pin or unpin.

    *( You can also try to pin, unpin other apps like face book to see if it works ).

    If you want to tinker around some more with E-mail, place the mouse arrow IN the text box. It should open "some" names. And play around with the cc and bcc too.

    Sounds like you are OK with finding names if they appear when you type a letter. It seems to do funny things. Takes a while to acquire it's peculiarities.

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    Ok. This is getting a little confusing to me, but at my age that's not too difficult. Let's sort this out.

    It's no secret that companies try to attract people to use their "cloud". Some may call this "pushing to their cloud". I don't see it that way though as long as there remains choices. MS gives choices with companies they have agreements with. This is the list we see when adding an account in the Windows Mail modern app. Obviously your email domain is not listed. I noticed the list gets longer, for companies keep agreeing with MS in this department I would guess.

    When an email account is added to the Windows Mail app, one can configure to share contacts in the People app. e.g. my contacts from my Google account is shared in my People app, but I get some doubled listings if a contact is in both the Live and Google accounts, which is a PITA.

    You transferred your contacts from your last OS, so I think somehow 8 is recognizing that??

    I do a search of "Contacts" on my OS drive and I come up with a bunch of wab files, but no contacts folder.

    I don't know what you two mean by the "e" on the desktop. I don't and never did have such a thing.

    If your NTLworld email account is a POP account then I would suggest to open a Outlook Live/Ms account to import the NTLworld account to the new account, which is the work around for POP. You have to configure this online.

    Perhaps there is a way to import a contacts list into the People app folder?

    All in all, this is the Modern side of the OS, which is a whole new animal.
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    Hippie Gypsy:

    By way of clarification:

    Blue "e".

    I have both Windows 8 factory OEM installed on a 3 month old HP 2- All in One desk top and also Windows 8 Pro 64 bit, store bought, and installed as an upgrade from Windows 7 on another HP desk top Pavilion. Both of these have two "e"s, one on desk top and one in the task bar. The desk top "e" opens the home page without the tool, bars. This is for smaller devices, tablets, notebooks, with touch screen as a space saver. The task bar "e" opens the same home page but with the task bars.

    You can try the two methods I described if you want the big "e" on your desk top. But it may be clutter and superfluous. Myself being a traditionalist I keep things in originality so I leave my big "e" on the desk top.


    I have two accounts. MSN which I bought through Costco years ago. And Optonline, from Cable Vision my ISP for phone, TV and Internet, the total bundle. The two formats of E-mail are quite different in appearance but are similar in functionality.

    I have travelled to Europe many times and have had Europeans visit me here in New York State also a lot, as recently as last summer. Comparing life styles, culture, technology, just about anything that they have in Europe we have here and vice-versa. Thus it would be difficult for me to think that European E-mail differs in any material way from American E-mail. I qualify that by saying here E-mail accounts are kept on someone's server, not on my computers.

    Thus I would believe that Virgin has robinpe's E'mail names and E-mails too.

    Allowing for your input I would surmise that in order to debug his accounts and "people" it would be a simple matter of finding the right paths, avenues and settings to facilitate that. If he doesn't already have everything. And it sounds like you are hot on the trail of finding the solution which seems to be near at hand.
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    Thanks for your input as well, wetibbe.

    Contacts were easy to import or export via .csv file extension. Now with the Modern apps it a completely different animal of which I'm just learning. I don't think we can just import into a folder as we did in the past and expect it to work, although it may be possible. Perhaps someone may know of that.

    The only way I know how to work around this is what I've posted earlier. There might, however, be a possible way to install the desktop legacy Windows Mail to go that route.
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    As I said it appears that the People app is connecting to my 'Mail' email service ok. I don't know anything about a big 'e' on the desktop, all I have is the Internet Explorer 'e' in the taskbar. One of you may be right about the fact that more & more email providers are getting on the 'Add an accounts' list on the People app & Settings, & in my case Virgin Cable is not on there yet. I always though I had an 'Outlook' email acct. even though Virgin set it up for me.
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    Thanks for checking in, robinpe. Are you good to go or do you need to pursue this further?
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    I think that's as far as we can go. Thank you fellows for helping me. I'm sure I shall have many other questions for you as time goes by. By the way I'm an American citizen but I live in Hampshire in England. See ya!!
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    If you're happy we are happy.

    We'll be here for future.

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    You're quite welcome. I hope we were of some help. This leap from legacy programs to Modern apps will take time.

    I went from RP to Enterprise Evaluation to my now 8 Pro OEM. It was easy for me with using my Live/MS account. All my emails, contacts/people, favorites, and settings were all carried over to the next install. I know some find this to be entrapping, but I find it very convenient.

    Good luck to you, our fellow American.
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How do I 'Create an association for my email Contacts'?
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