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How do I 'Create an association for my email Contacts'?

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    I see it's not in the list, but I've noticed the list gets longer. This is beyond me, but will investigate.

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    Virgin is your ISP. They use NTLworld for email. Is there anything on there site help on the subject?
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    I did as you suggested & went to 'Settings' on the 'Charmsbar' while in the 'People' app & selected 'Outlook' as my email service, but when I filled out the details, e.g. domain, server, my email address etc. it couldn't recognise it. But I see this is the way to go, we'll figure it out somehow. Thanks guys. Any more suggestions? There's nothing on the Virgin site that I can find.
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    They do have a way to configure it for Windows Mail, but I think it's the old Windows Live Mail in 7.

    How do I set up Windows Mail?

    Have you considered getting a Live account? I find it very convenient, especially with signing into my PC. Everywhere I go I'm signed in. MS account, MSDN, Bing, etc. All of the MS sites. Some don't like it because of privacy issues, but I don't find it so.

    That's all I can suggest. If I find out anything, I'll let you know. Good luck to you.
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    Affirmative. I am saying exactly what you are surmising. I didn't do anything.

    I'm in North America. You are apparently in England/ British Isles or other that I don't know.

    I had heard that the European Union sued Microsoft.

    I have mixed messages about who is and who isn't.

    Further I have just received messages about Microsoft's turn about position opposing blacklists and now embracing White listed. Can't put it all together as it is breaking news.

    Bottom line we apparently are using different OS features.

    Hopefully we can all work it all out.
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    Thanks for advising wetibbe. I believe the route to go as suggested by somebody is: Open the 'People' app.>Charmsbar>Settings>Accounts>Add an account>Select the email acct. name>Type in all my email details, (which I did, but I've got something wrong) & 'Bob's your uncle', hopefully!!
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    Is it a POP type account? Windows 8 Mail will not accept those, although silly that they're listed. Heaven only knows why! There is a work around for POP.
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    It probably is a Pop acct., & yes I did know that Win8 doesn't accept Pop accounts. However, I just typed in a couple of names & email addresses in my 'People' app. Clicked on one of the names & it took me directly to my 'Mail' email acct. with the 'To' bar already filled in with the name. What does that tell us?
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    You may have unpinned the big "e" on your desk top. To re-pin it right click the little "e" in the task bar and re-pin. If that doesn't work something may have been corrupted.


    Send yourself an E-mail. When you initially click the "TO" ,normally, frequently used names come up. Sometimes if you click it again the whole list of names comes up. It's a little bit inconsistent. You can try also to click on CC and BCC to see what happens. It doesn't always do the same thing the same way.
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    Nothing about 'pinning' or re-pinning in menu when I right clicked the 'e' in the taskbar.
    Nothing happens when I tap the 'To' bar in the email section. When I start to type my name, all the names beginning with 'R' are listed.
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How do I 'Create an association for my email Contacts'?
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