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Yontoo - Manage-Add Ons But how do I delete it completely?

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    Yontoo - Manage-Add Ons But how do I delete it completely?

    After getting repeated Consumer Survey Group pop-ups, I managed to locate something called Yontoo tucked away in currently loaded add-ons.

    I have disable Yontoo and hey presto, no more pop-ups.

    But how do I actually delete it from 'manage-add ons'

    Thank you


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    I started getting the consumer surveys today. Im using firefox and its showing in the browsers add-ons. It would seem yontoo has been on the system for over two weeks, which is a bit odd (using firefox) as ive had no surveys before today. It doesnt appear in the uninstall list for me, it only shows as a single file (YontooIEClient.dll) in C:/Program Files/Yontoo/
    I disabled and removed it from firefox's Tools>Add-ons.

    Malwarebytes forum users recommend you try adwcleaner and roguekiller for a quick clean of unwanted malicious software, which should detect and remove yontoo. With roguekiller you only need to scan and delete the unwanted registry entries. It needs to be run as admin and with no USB devices attached.
    Help with removing Yontoo - Malwarebytes Forum

    If you want to make sure all registry entries relating to yontoo are definately gone, this might also help:
    Manual Removal Guide for Yontoo - Safer-Networking Forums

    I originally posted a link to a general guide here, but it doesnt help you remove it 100%,
    and leads you into installing spyhunter in part 1, which is junkware/spyware itself:
    Remove Yontoo Adware (Uninstall Guide)

    Spybot warns users about Spyhunter here too:
    Spyhunter : malware or not ?? - Safer-Networking Forums

    Full Review of SpyHunter Spyware Detection Tool

    Using adwcleaner and roguekiller is probably the best way to go about removing it if your antivirus doesnt detect it. This is what I used, adwcleaner found yontoo quite easily. Yontoo seems to have appeared for me as a result of installing jdownloader, a pointless downloading tool-someone mentioned it in a forum for software that failed to complete. I had to match jdownloaders 'date created' in 'C:\Program Files' with yontoo, as yontoo didnt appear in my installed programs list. I noticed jdownloader had alot of adult related plugins, so as if much of that content wasnt questionable enough, it probably lives on yontoo scam surveying as a result. Browsing through youtube, it would seem yontoo is included with many different types of software, such as tools to download videos from webpages - 'best video downloader' is one of the most popular programs for adding or requesting yontoo to be added to your computer, according to
    What is yontoo layers client? -
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    Thank you. I have McAffe which you would think would sort the problem out. At least I am not the only one out there having this problem. I just wish that someone would close down these 'rogue' websites.
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    I am getting 'tidy network links' in my own web pages!!! Unsure how it got in, but I do not allow the ticked boxes to be ticked on downloads. off now to look for yontoo
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Yontoo - Manage-Add Ons But how do I delete it completely?
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