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    When I have a web page open in chrome, and have a paragraph or something I need, it does not allow me to highlight and copy.

    There must be a problem with your set up.

    I can copy from chrome no problem.

    OK, will have a long slow look at it and check, carefully, its installation.

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    Just out of mild curiosity where did you get your laptop? I've heard of some having badware preloaded but not in the UK
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    Comet - Retail outlet. I went in and selected from what was on display.

    Preloaded? Not sure what I got on it now, the first thing I did was remove Norton, I remember that. Its a packard bell easynote TM
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    Even 'safe' sites can potentially get hacked and release malware. Email links and documents also can contain malware, even from a friend (his computer could be compromised, after all). So no one is immune to them, that is why a good antivirus with a virus scan every now and again is very important. Most will do automatic weekly scans which saves you any trouble.

    Glad you have your browsers working better! Take care
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    An 'old' problem with IE has resurfaced, I had forgotten about it. When default, and opening a web page it seems to 'hang' whilst loading. If I hit refresh button F5, it comes up immediately. It has happened before from IE 8 as I recall.

    Should we just say I am jinxed!!!!
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    People find that chrome works faster than IE, so you might give it a try. If it still hangs, it is likely your internet speed or connection is somehow not as strong.
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    I may give Chrome another go, but my broadband is 100MB Fibre optic, via a Virgin media super hub. To be fair, it is not performing to standards required but still fast. I am happy with VM but, what was found, was someone local who is screwing the system, but the are closing in on him/her. OK Dust, will take you on board and click on default chrome, even if its only to observe the difference.
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    You know, Mike, it could also be the speed of your computer. Chrome may be more streamlined than IE when it comes to speed, but the issue may be things like too many add-ons (can slow both IE and Chrome, depending on which add-ons you have installed), or too many programs running that demand resources, to which your computer is trying to keep up. You can disable or remove add-ons/programs you don't need.

    • Most people (If I may say so) don't even use the popular Java program. Of the ones that do, many don't even use the add-on that comes with it. If you don't use Java at all, remove it and see how things go (this also helps with security measures as Java is often compromised). If you need it, you might not need the add-on, so try to disable it and see how things run (also benefits the security of your computer). Try this even with Microsoft add-ons that you feel are not used. I only use Adobe's Shockwave Flash (comes with IE), and everything else is disabled
    • Uninstall programs you don't need. This can only help things. Think of all the extra things that came with your computer. Are they still installed? Do you really use them? If not, it doesn't hurt to remove them. Some of those preinstalled programs will actually slow your system down to varying degrees

    If you go to your task manager and click on the startup tab, you will see which programs are sucking resources. Don't disable any driver services like audio or video (I disabled Bluetooth and all it did was slow down my system).

    • I disabled things like adobe and Apple products. This speeds up startup time of the computer, and doesn't allow the programs to run until you actually run them. This will free up resources and speed up your system, even a little. This should translate into somewhat faster IE/Chrome startup times as well. Of course you will have to decide which settings work best for you. This has helped tremendously for me with a slower laptop on my hands.

    Hope it helps!
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    Dusty, good points and obviously well worth looking at. Will get back if I have any further points - appreciated.
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