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    It wasn't inserted into IE10 by Microsoft, and likewise FF19 was clean when you installed it. Software like this is called a Browser Hijacker, and it gets installed just like a virus - you opened a link or a page or something that installed it. Once it is there it can misappropriate any browser-based operation on your machine using a variety of ways to hide. Getting rid of it thoroughly is the only way. Or nuking it from orbit of course.

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    OK then, Bill Gates you can go back to bed now. I might try FF against then now I have done some housekeeping!
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    I think I know what is going to happen....
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    Erm, you have me worried now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I haven't seen a single ad. I don't think your original problem has been resolved.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elbmek View Post
    Chrome is on its way out too, it wont let me cut and paste off the net,
    If you think I am part of the inquisition you can ignore me, but chrome has been my vehicle of choice for a long time now and I can copy and paste from the web, no problem.

    Or did I misunderstand your question.?
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    No dell, you did not misunderstand. When I have a web page open in chrome, and have a paragraph or something I need, it does not allow me to highlight and copy. It never had done in chrome. now on IE10 x 64 bit in Win 7 on this laptop, no problem cutting and copying.

    Hi future, it is resolved I THINK. second instance of all this was when I installed IE10, it contained an add on - it was changing words on my OWN sites to adlinks. Oh no they are not, if they want to advertise on MY sites, they pay. since removed.
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    Quote Originally Posted by elbmek View Post
    When I have a web page open in chrome, and have a paragraph or something I need, it does not allow me to highlight and copy.

    There must be a problem with your set up.

    I can copy from chrome no problem.
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    reality television anyone?

    IE, Chrome, Firefox... none of them will install something that will harm your system. Otherwise they could be sued. And they don't like that.

    I too would make sure all bad programs are uninstalled from my computer in dealing with malware. Toolbars, coupon generators... oh don't get me started on the coups. They all need to go. Suspicious things you didn't install. After, make sure windows is updated. Yep, security updates are very important in keeping secure.

    I would have IE 10 installed on the system, no reason not to. Use another browser of your choice if you want, but why not update IE to the latest? I believe it is more secure that way overall. Good 'ol smart screen filter. sigh

    download this from a SAFE computer - yep, make sure the computer is safe first (virus free and all that): What is Windows Defender Offline? - You'll need a USB stick for this, and run it off your computer. Plug it in, restart, tap F8 (or F12 sometimes) to pull up the boot menu, boot from the stick, and do a good full scan. It might quick scan first, but run the full scan right after. clean that baby out!! On a side note, I personally like Windows Defender best as an antivirus, but your choice on preference. After all this, you should be good. Scan for viruses with your choice antivirus for good measure.

    Me? I love IE10 (though haven't noticed too much a difference from 9). I like going light on programs, so you won't find me installing other security features or browsers. But I'm not often 'surfing the web', and never click on things I am suspicious of. I am a suspicious kind of guy. At this point in my life, youtube, hulu, eightforums and Hotmail sum up about everything I use haha!
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    Hey Dust, agreed but its puzzling nonetheless, the pc is standard install, no frills, no modifications, no tweaks. The browsers did their 'own thing' and installed without tweaks except to untick the dodgy toolbars etc. See my specs - nothing untoward - weird. Anyway, I have been proved wrong in some cases and am grateful for all the help and advise given. What seemed like a stupid statement was born from the fact that I had done nothing, nor visited any so called dodgy sites, to account for the problems. I am beginning to come around to IE10 now, it is manageable but still hate IE9.

    IE10 for win 7 is now out, so use it on my laptop. Its in here win 8 now too. I was advised to add spybot to my machine, it has come a long way since its birth, and looks good. Not in my pc yet, but again, on my laptop.
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