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    Rather than keep trying different browsers I'd be wondering why browsers that give a very satisfactory experience for other users on other machines don't seem to work at all well on yours. IMHO something else is wrong.

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    I know but my machine is large, fairly new and up to date with updates, drivers etc.

    Here's one for you, same subject. I downloaded FF 19 on advice - new software - I thought it would alleviate the problems I had in the past, which it did BUT.....

    There are 9 virus' embedded within FF19 which direct the user to sites for advertisements that he (or she) did not ask for, pop ups open and display ads, all since I installed 19 on my laptop (win 7). I was advised by a Tech friend to download and run Sophos Virus Removal Tool, which is running now in the background. Before I did, I ran iobit malware fighter and it found the bugs. I checked the paths and all were inside Firefox 19.

    My default browser is Lunascape 6 and so far its running fine with minimal hold up on start (loading engine) and no hold up on closing.
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    I think you need to get to the point where your machine is clear of malware before doing much else - FF19 doesn't arrive with 9 embedded viruses. Once the machine is clean I suspect that your browser problems will be gone, apart from matters of personal preference between browser behaviour.
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    Did the user oinstall any toolbars? Firefox shouldn't do that.

    Speaking of Firefox, when is it supposed to FINALLY bring it's metro version out of beta? I think that may solve my browser dilemminal once and for all.
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    Ref Karma - thanks but .....

    On wednesday last my laptop was running fine on landscape browser and was clean, having not long before run a check. I downloaded nothing at all except FF19 on the Thursday and then used the laptop in work, and got these bug ads almost immediately. When I ran a malware fighter program the resulting path was contained within Firefox software - so what am I to believe, your scepticism or my software?

    what I should have done before I removed it was copy the path for you to see for yourself.
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    Which seems more likely - that your browser has been hijacked or otherwise screwed up by something else, or that a fresh legit install of FF19 already contained some undesirable exploits? You also described a number of cases where browsers failed to close or were otherwise unpredictable, so on that evidence I'd lean towards malware first. So I'm still skeptical given the accounts so far.
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    Quote Originally Posted by karma mechanic View Post
    FF19 doesn't arrive with 9 embedded viruses.
    Very correct. The problem is definitely not in FF itself, but whatever is creeping around inside that pc may show up trough the FF installation.
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    Ok lets face this - there were no bugs before. I have KIS 2013 on my pc and MSE in my laptop. I run a complete checking program at least twice a week. It cleans out the junk, modifys broken shortcuts and many other things, but it also checks auto for malware.

    There was nothing on my laptop on Wednesday when I switched it on and downloaded and installed FF19. I switched it off. On Thursday evening, at work, I plugged in, attached the rj45, FF19 as default and off I went - oops! what the hell is this, I never clicked on it. It was one of the 9 bugs in FF, followed by another window and another.

    Removed FF19 as default to lunarscape and problem ceased. Then got a note off a tech mate - run this link it said - a link to Sophos. Clear report as I had removed the bugs with Iobit Malfighter. After that I deleted FF19 and installed IE10 for win 7 x 64, made that default, and all ok.

    Whilst I do not doubt your reasoning and sincerity I cannot dispute what happened or what I found. It may be a coincidence but hackers at a conference in Canada where bragging about how they had hacked FF and other browsers, this was on the internet news.
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    Firstly an apology its not firefox as such. But here is a screen dump of the offending item, which suddenly appeared as I entered THIS forum. When I did a search for it I found only one: firefox/ Remember this is after I got a zero after the last clean. When I deleted FF I also deleted all history, etc. This does not go any way to explain why a ff file is still 'somewhere. Will be running a reg clean tonight in case thats it. The banner is phoney, it selects one based on site opened.
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    I don't know. Check your DNS settings? Some viruses change them.
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