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Any way to keep Modern IE with another default browser?

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    Any way to keep Modern IE with another default browser?

    I think I already know the answer but I wanted to know if there is a way to keep/launch ModernIE if you make something other than IE your default browser?

    Although it has a mess for favorites I do like the simplicity of ModernIE and often prefer to browse using it from the Start screen. However, it does suffer from some rendering issues and sometimes I need to "view on desktop". I often find if ModernIE has rendering issues, so too will IE10. I would prefer that my default desktop browser be Firefox. When I set Firefox to my default, it kills any access to Modern IE and any IE icon leads to the desktop.

    So is there no way to keep ModernIE as a browser if you have a different default browser? It isn't that I don't like ModernIE, I just want it as a secondary browser instead of my default.

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    Hello esspee,

    Sorry, but no. Internet Explorer must be kept set as the default program to have the Metro IE10.

    If it helps, you could switch to IE10 desktop mode from within IE10 Metro at anytime.
    In addition, you can also set links to open to either IE10 desktop or Metro mode.

    Hope this helps,
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    Yeah, that is what I figured. Thanks. I use the "view in desktop" option when something doesn't display correctly in Modern IE ... problem is, it usually means it won't display correctly in the desktop IE either. So then I am left to cut and past the address into another browser which is a pain.

    I kind of don't get why MS would not let people use Modern IE as its own browser and unhitch it from the odd requirement that you have to also keep your desktop browser as IE as well. Half a convert is better than on convert.
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    it's got to be some other reason.

    the same thing happens with the Nightly build of Firefox (the FF with the Modern interface). if you don't select the Nightly browser as the default browser, when you try to load it, it loads the desktop browser. the only way to run the Nightly browser is to make it the default browser.
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    When something doesn't view correctly in IE10, you might see if using compatibility view on the site may help.
    If not, then you might see how it displays with GPU hardware acceleration turned off.
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Any way to keep Modern IE with another default browser?
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