So far I like it. There's no bookmarks sync, but that's fixed by junction linking the favorites folder to my skydrive.

The metro browser is a lot nicer. Chrome basically just fudges their own windowing environment to throw desktop Chrome into, but IE10 is definitely designed for metro. I live how my tabs are just a quick swipe on my trackpad away.

they FINALLY added spellcheck! It works pretty well, and so far it seems to be better than Chrome's (and even has autocorrect, but fortunately it's a very mild version so it's actually useful)

I do hate how all favorites are just lumped together in metro mode. On desktop mode I have them well organized in folders, but in metro it's just a really really long and disorganized line.

Sometimes it freezes when I'm opening tabs. IE has always done this though.

I miss how in Chrome I can right-click highlighted text and click search. But it's now just one additional step, so not a problem.

For some reason the desktop and metro versions don't seem to use the exact same cookies and saved passwords.