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Does Windows 8 alter Outlook 2010 PST files??

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    Does Windows 8 alter Outlook 2010 PST files??

    Does Windows 8 alter Outlook 2010 PST files??

    Here is why I ask:

    Under Windows 7
    With Win 7, for months, I have be using Outlook 2010 with multiple small PST files . These are backed-up across many disks, and periodically recovered. All Good.

    Under Windows 8
    In January I got a new machine with Windows 8. All my PSTs were read fine and I was using Outlook 2010 without issue. Still all good.

    Back to Windows 7
    Then , this week, I decided to go back to Windows 7. Fresh install on a new drive. I re-installed Office 2010, and its read all my PST files EXECEPT for the 4 PST files that were briefly opened when I was using Windows 8.For those files only, I am getting the error below when trying to open those files. I tried to repair it with SCANPST, but it too does not recognize it as a PST file.

    These PST files, as one can image , are important to me, but the backups are the same as the source in this case ... ie now not recognized by Outlook.


    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version

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    That looks more like a file corruption issue. I seriously doubt that Win8 (as a system) does anything with PST files ... those are strictly applications level files. It was much more likely to be a bug in the system rather than an intentional incursion on the part of Win8 to modify the PST files. Hopefully you made backup of the same.

    Good move going back to Win7. I did same a couple months back and do not regret having done so.

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Does Windows 8 alter Outlook 2010 PST files??
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