Hey all,

I purchased a Win8 Toshiba laptop for my parents for Xmas and a retail copy of Win8 to upgrade their desktop PC. I also purchased a 2-PC retail copy of Office 2010 H&B.

Both Laptop and PC are connected to ISP (AT&T) thru a Belkin N600. Laptop is wireless and desktop is CAT6. They have the newest version of Norton AV installed on both devices.

All setup and installs seemed to go fine even though I'm not familiar with Win8 or Office 2010. Yesterday my Mom called me and said they couldn't get emails to download on the laptop. So I go by there after work and when I clicked the send/receive button, Outlook acted like it was downloading emails but super slow (one bit at a time). But it would eventually error out (call service provider). I rebooted laptop, reset modem and reset router....still same thing (desktop PC doesn't seem to be having any problems). Then I noticed there were no emails in any of the Outlook folders at all (inbox, deleted items, sent items). I poked around a bit and we noticed all of their pictures in the my pictures folder were gone and all of their .doc files in my documents were gone.

I restored the emails and other files to the laptop (from their desktop) but Outlook is still crapping out when sending/receiving. I did a little research and it appears there have been numerous reports of emails disappearing from Outlook but that doesn't explain the pictures and .doc files. I checked the autoarchive option in Outlook and it is not active. I'm at a loss as to what happened. Not sure if this is an Office problem or Win8