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    I got an e-mail today from Microsoft that said to upgrade my Hotmail account to It will be automatically changed soon. Does that mean that my e-mail address will be changed? Will it be forwarded? All of my logins with e-mail address will not work? I will have to send every one in my address book an e-mail with change of address? All of that sucks.


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    Just found part of it.

    A seamless upgrade - no worries necessary
    When you upgrade to, your email address, password, emails, and contacts will remain the same. If you like, you can get a new address by following the instructions here. If you have questions about the upgrade, please visit our FAQ page.
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    I converted to Outlook when it first came out. But, I liked Hotmail better than Outlook. "new improved" is not always better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fireberd View Post
    I converted to Outlook when it first came out. But, I liked Hotmail better than Outlook. "new improved" is not always better.
    I, for one, prefer Outlook. It's neat. Also, Outlook sounds better than "Hot" mail...
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    you do not have to change your email account to you can keep your, you will just log into a new look if you accept their terms. You will have no choice to join because hotmail is being phased out, but you can keep the same hotmail account. I have a msn account and a account and the email i received from microsoft stated to just accept the terms but I can keep all my settings and everything else.

    In my opinion, stick with the email account you have now so you insure everything stays the same
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    yeah, you can keep your hotmail address even while using I still have mine.

    the benefits of the new are great, especially the ability to have multiple aliases without having to create multiple accounts.
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    basically is just a new and upgraded webmail portal. Your account will stay exactly the same, just it will be presented differently.
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