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Outlook aliases revealing primary address, again!

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    Outlook aliases revealing primary address, again!

    My first hello! I have had various time consuming problems with Windows 8 which I have resolved. However, having lost various Blueyonder email addresses to Google hijacking when creating my Microsoft Account I decided to create addresses to replace them. Subsequently found that the emails sent out under the aliases revealed my primary email address, the recipient just had to hover their mouse pointer over my account user name in the email's heading for the address to be revealed. After lots of trials and wasted time I eventually managed get just the alias to show, can't even remember how now.
    Well next wanted to try compatible office suites that would not totally invade and take over my computer, tool bars, file associations etc, before having to pay +++++ for Microsoft Office. Eventually found a suite, SoftMaker, that seemed to fit the bill having eMClient included appearing to mirror Microsoft Outlook. Loaded fine etc. But guess what, no matter what I did my primary address re-appeared in all I sent. Mailing directly again from did not send the primary. This has left me wondering that if I purchased the 12month 365 Microsoft Office would the Outlook element cause the same problem in which case I would have to totally abandon and pay for emails addresses elsewhere not associated with Microsoft.
    So request suggestions;
    1. Any ideas as to how I can stop eMClient sending the primary, or is it putting the primary back in because I'm using a Client and so can't be altered?
    2. If I abandoned all but Microsoft Office, would the Outlook Client act as eMClient and send primary with no possibility of changing this?
    3. If the answer to the first two are negative, does anyone recommend any secure / consistent email hosting?
    Thanks for any response and hope that my description is not too convoluted. Have looked and posted at Microsoft community but it looks like it can be months if ever before some things are answered or resolved. Ple3ase note, I'm not advocating any brand, just fed up of all types of software causing as many problems as they are supposed to resolve. Thank goodness cars are still not in the stone age.

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    Hi, congrats for buying SoftMaker Office Professional, I use it, too - it's the best alternative to Microsoft Office for many reasons. Plus, the included eM Client 5 Professional is IMO the best alternative to MS Outlook. Just wanted to let you know that each user of SoftMaker Office gets a totally free support, either by forum, mail, or directly by phone. I had some questions concerning eM Client, too, and was getting help promptly, friendly and competently from them. What a difference to Microsoft, it's awesome!
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Outlook aliases revealing primary address, again!
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