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This POP folder generated by Mail ??

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    This POP folder generated by Mail ??

    I have a Windows 8 Home version. The Metro thing has been killin' me after 7 years of strictly XP. But I'm gettin' there.

    When I select Mail from the Metro Start screen I now have a POP folder that was generated by the program. I did some reading into it and it doesn't seem like such a bad thing except that the mail that goes into it does it inconsistently. First, mail doesn't appear in it all that often. When it does it's mail that has gone to the Inbox correctly most of the time. Then rarely it gets to the POP folder.

    I'd like to understand the nature of this folder but I can't see why it only get's a piece here and there, and as I said, it's often mail that works and goes where it should at other times?

    Can anyone expand my understanding of the POP thing? Besides POP being the name my grandsons call me I know little else about this folder. Thanks so much! jack

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    That's very strange because Windows 8 Mail does not support pop. Where is this folder at? Listed under an account?
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    This is all that I know and can tell you. What say ye? My original question still notwithstanding, sometimes the mail goes there, just a piece or two and sometimes it doesn't??

    Send and receive Hotmail from an email app - Microsoft Windows Help

    OH, yes it's under the Inbox tree, not under an account, precisely just below Deleted Items.
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    Well, this is strange to me. Here's a shot of what I get when I choose "Other" in type of account.

    Attachment 16293

    The choices are Outlook, Hotmail. Google, Yahoo, AOL, or Others.

    I have 2 Hotmail accounts and 1 Google. They are IMAPs. I have no pop folders. I see you have Windows 8 Home whereas I have OEM Pro, but that shouldn't make a difference. What accounts have you?

    ??? I don't know what to tell you at this point. Have you figured anything out?
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    Frankly it's not too bothersome at all. I was just curious about it. As the link says it's a fairly valid event and normal, not a sign of anything wrong. I was just puzzled why sometimes a msg or two ends up there in the POP folder, and at other times, msg's from the same source go to the Inbox where'd you expect. I was told very straight forward once by a moderator of one forum WINDOWS 8 SURELY DOES SUPPORT POP, it just doesn't support the OUTLOOK POP CLIENT anymore. If you think of it that's true. The Gmail account I've added is a pop account. Soooo .. where does that put it? Confused? I don't know but I'm fine with everything. If I delete the POP folder which I have done, it may not come back for a couple of days, only when a stray msg for some reason ticks it off and then the MS account generates the POP folder and drops a msg or two there and then none for a long period? ??

    Sorry to have stirred this up! But I thank ya' very much indeed! jack ":-D
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    I'm confused as all get up and go, Jack. I'm sure someone could explain this, but it's not me. May the Force be with us all!
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    HAHA! Yes ... "the Force" ... confused we are. Enlightenment come it will if we wait! ":-D
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    he's using the workaround for POP in Windows 8 Mail. you add your POP mail to gmail or to and then you add your gmail or account to Windows 8 mail. voila. you get your POP email to Windows 8 email
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    Thanks mr dirtyvu. I hope that explains it to Hippsie. I'm just doing what works. How I got the notion was a compilation of things I read and the way I understood it.
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    Thanks, guys. I knew the work around. I didn't know it created a folder. I know now.
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This POP folder generated by Mail ??
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