HOW TO UPDATE CONTACTS AND CALENDAR FOR THE METRO MAIL, OUTLOOK.COM KEEPING VERIZON AS YOUR MAIN ADDRESS. I am not a code or manual writer, I've done my best to answer something I've seen folks ask and find no answers. This is working for me. I hope it's somewhat clear.

I have used a Verizon address for so many years I am fighting to keep it so. From what I've read Verizon does not co-operate too well with MS in getting your contacts and calendar imported into usefull or correct symetry when you want to use MAIL and CALENDAR from the METRO START PAGE. The following is all I could come up for me that is working. (to keep Verizon) I am an experienced user but by no means as gifted technically as many of you much younger than I. I have been purchasing pc's since 1988 in the days of DOS. BATCH FILES and BASIC and the internet was called BULLETIN BOARD SERVICES. Nothing like we see today. Okay after that blaah blaa yadda yadda.

First a user needs to realize, at least in my fractured opinion, that you are not going to do much at all with Mail and Contacts as it applies to going through the METRO TILES from the START PAGE. Once you get your info imported there you can "ADD" but not change or delete data. It's possible the contacts and events you add via the Metro Tile route can be changed or deleted. I have not dealt with that yet but I believe I read somewhere what I just said is true.

AGAIN, realize this is my work around to keep my Verizon address primary and active. The reason I forward all mail from Verizon to Gmail is purely a choice of mine, not a requirement. Why do I? Well once you forward all mail to somewhere via your Verizon webmail then I think you have no choice, but that the incoming mail will never show in Verizon again. I don't like that. I like having a backup where I can check back online and see old mail on the web for awhile. By forwarding to a Gmail account I get that option. Even though Gmail is going to forward every piece of mail it still leaves a copy on it's server. As I see it, Verizon does not!

You must be signed into your pc with a MS Account, not as a local machine.

You will need that Gmail account I spoke of above.

Accepting the points I've made to keep Verizon your primary address, you must accept all changes, imports, etc. will be made, probably best, from a Chrome browser on your web accounts, not through the Metro Start page.
I first imported my Outlook 2003 contacts into Gmail as a Windows CSV. It did a sorta sloppy job so I went through them all and cleaned up the data. Maybe you won't experince that. Since I only have 147 contacts I don't know what you'd do if you had 1000's. Good luck! I created my contact groups within Gmail. When I had everything just right I then ...

Went online to my hotmail website, not in old hotmail mode but in new Outlook mode. I chose CONTACTS and it gave me the choice to connect to certain sites such as Facebook and others, Google Mail being one choice. When I selected Google Mail it went through a couple of steps to confirm it was me and this was what I wanted. When the confirm questions were done you can wait or refresh the page and it will populate with your contacts. One issue I haven't understood is when you click on ALL and you get the drop down, it shows the Groups but does not populate when you select a group. Only when I have ALL do I see all contacts. Anyway, after that when you click on the tile METRO MAIL you should see all your contacts just as you created them in Gmail contacts. (because your hotmail online is connected to your Gmail account)

If anyone see's I'm taking too long a route, or can shortcut, please let me know. If anyone is interested in how to do about the same thing about with their Calendar events let me know. I'll post that if it is worthy. This is working for me. As I said, it was configured mainly to keep my Verizon e-address, and while all mail is forwarded and I stop seeing incoming mail on Verizon, that one extra "pop" to Gmail affords me to have a backup of all mail for awhile as Gmail keeps the copy on the server.

Hope this helps, and if you have something better than this please help me! ":-D jack