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One simple question & one complex re: Mail on Start menu

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    One simple question & one complex re: Mail on Start menu

    Ok start with the easy one I would guess.

    How do I add an additional email account to the Mail program on the Start / Metro menu?

    The second one relates to the first. I am on my second laptop with Win 8 due to the first having to be returned because it had issues (much like myself ).

    The problem is this: On my first laptop, using the Mail program I was somehow, after much tinkering and not knowing what I was doing, was able to install my primary POP3 email account. I know I was told by a few, including my POP3 Email provider that this was not possible, but it had nothing to do with know how, however somehow that I don't even recall how I was able to get that POP3 email addy working on the Start / Metro mail app. At this point I have no idea or remember how I got to the screen which allowed me to configure the POP3 settings. Regardless, it was done.... on my old laptop which was returned & exchanged.

    The problem gets deeper. I desperately need to get that email addy reconfigured on my new laptop as when I set it up I idiotically set it to remove all incoming email FROM THE SERVER after ten minutes as I did not anticipate no longer having that laptop up & running with the previously set up mail.

    So... to make a long question & explanation even longer, and this ties in to question #1 about adding another email addy to the Mail app, I now desperately need to re-setup that POP3 email addy on my new laptop so not only can I get my mail, but change the settings so it's no longer whipping my emails after 10 minutes from the server.

    Hopefully I explained a rather convoluted issue adequately.

    Any help, suggestions or acts of God to help me get back my email that I have been using for years would beore then greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for reading my novel.

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    Hello Motley,
    So what I can gather you already have 1 email account connected to the windows 8 mail app. To add another account, open up the mail app so you are looking at the list of your emails, move your mouse to the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and bring up the charms menu. Click "Settings", then under the "Settings" text at the top of the menu select "Accounts", click "Add an account", select the type of account you are adding, fill in the server info and there you go! Hope this helps. If you got stuck by these instructions here is a website that may help you out.
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    Thank you so muc Snubs. I have not tried it yet, but I sooo appreciate your advice & knowledge.

    I'll let ya know if it works out.

    Thanks again man!
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    the windows 8 mail app does not support POP3 email.

    in order to receive POP email for the Windows 8 Mail app, you need to send your POP mail to a place like or yahoo or gmail. once that account is properly receiving your POP mail, then add this account to the windows 8 mail app by using the aforementioned link by snubs. each of those sites, like, has instructions on how to send POP email to that account.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtyvu View Post
    the windows 8 mail app does not support POP3 email.
    I was told that by quite a few people when I was originally attempting to set it up. But I can assure you, I was somehow able to do it. I do not remember how I did it, and it took hours of trying blindly different things. However, it WAS setup on the laptop I returned, and actually worked, both send & receive. And it continues to delete my mail from my hosting server, even though the laptop was returned & exchanged. I am 100% certain it was set up on the Start Mail app, and it was done using only that app, not have to redirect it from somewhere. Maybe it was a glitch, but it DID work. It asked me for my incoming & outgoing server addys, passwords, port #'s, the whole shebang, sent out and received a test email, and worked just fine both sending & receiving all without ever leaving that app. As stated, yes it took many attempts, blindly trying things, but it was done & did work. And I realize that I have been told by everyone that it isn't possible, but somehow, on that particular day, it was.
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    I read somewhere that the devs were working on pop accounts so maybe you stumbled on an otherwise unknown setup screen... I'd be interested in this myself. Seems MS really dropped the ball on this issue.
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One simple question & one complex re: Mail on Start menu
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