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Contacts in Outlook

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    Contacts in Outlook

    Having learnt how to pin Outlook to Start, I am wondering how to create contacts. It would also be nice to have Outlook to my attached email address on opening rather than having to select it after Outlook opens.

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    1) Pinning outlook to start. Please press the windows key on keyboard, right click in any empty space. At the bottom right hand corner there should be something saying "All Apps". You need to click on that find Outlook under Microsoft Office section right click and pin to start.
    2) Creating a contact, is easy but i don't know if the process is the same across all versions. I doubt it, I use Outlook2010 which one do you use? I strong suggest using Outlook help, by pressing F1 key on top of your keyboard while inside of outlook. A new window will come up search "contact" press enter some results will come up find something along the lines "Create a new contact". I took the liberty to copy and paste it for Outlook2010
    Create a contact

    1. In Contacts, on the Home tab, in the New
      group, click New Contact.
      Keyboard shortcut To create a contact from any folder in Outlook,
      press Ctrl+Shift+C.

    2. Enter a name and any other information that you want to include for the
    3. Do one of the following:

      • To finish entering contacts On the Contact tab, in
        the Actions group, click Save & Close.
      • To save this contact and start another Click Save & New.
      • To save and enter another contact from the same company
        or address Click the down arrow next to Save & New and
        then click Contact from the Same Company.

    I don't quite understand your last question can you please rephrase it for me.

    I personally pin most all of my office programs because i tend to use them all for work and at home.
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    Thanks Chris1neji. I think we may be talking about two versions of outlook. Before upgrading from Vista to Windows 8 I had Windows Mail (which came with Vista), now I have the Outlook which comes with Windows 8. Your instructions would no doubt work with other versions of Outlook, but in the Windows 8 version it appears to be different. Pressing F1 brings up Help but provides no information on contacts. There is no Contacts tab. I did, however, find the way to add contacts:

    I have an app installed (by a technician) which shows the old Vista desktop. from that:-

    1. I mouse over Outlook and from the window which appears I click on People

    2. The People screen allows me to add contacts

    Unfortunately when I open Outlook I can't find any reference to contacts so my Contacts list is useless.

    You probably don't understand the second part of my question because it doesn't apply to your version of Outlook. Mine is Windows Live Mail (I am getting more and more confused by all the different versions). With Windows Live Mail you apparently need a special email address, however I have connected it to my old address so that when it opens I can select my old address and receive and send mail from it. I would lime WLM to default to my old address when opening.

    I'm sorry if the foregoing is not terribly enlightening.
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    You appear to be using different terms interchangeably that are not interchangeable. It's confusing to know what you're talking about, because you keep talking about different things as if they were the same. They aren't. Please clarify using the proper terminology.

    Outlook applies to only one thing: Microsoft Outlook, an application that comes with Microsoft Office, but occasionally sold separately.

    But, there are a bunch of things that contain the word Outlook in their name, but are NOT Outlook itself:

    There is also Outlook Express, a mail app that came with older versions of Windows (XP and earlier)

    There is Windows Live Mail (which is not Outlook, but is derived from Outlook Express in the past).

    There is which is the new web based email service from Microsoft.

    There is Outlook Web Access (OWA) which is a web site provided with Microsoft Exchange for corporations that emulates Outlook on a company web site.

    None of these come with Windows 8. Windows 8 comes with the Windows 8 Mail app, which is NOT outlook, nor is it Outlook Express.

    You *CAN* install Windows Live Mail on Windows 8, from the Live Essentials application, but this does not come with Windows 8.
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    You don't have Outlook. Outlook is part of the Office Suite of program's and is used a for mail, contacts, and calendar. I suspect you are thinking of Outlook Express which is just a mail client and was used in XP and was replaced by Windows Mail in Vista and later by Windows Live Mail in Windows 7. The Windows 8 mail client is what you now have.

    Sorry for the history lesson but specifics ill help others to help you. Unfortunately I use Outlook 2010 and have never used Windows 8 mail (or the earlier versions) so can't be of much help but hopefully now it s clearer what you are dealing with others will.
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    I am certainly confused by all the varieties of mail programs provided by Windows, but I am most certainly using Outlook. The word Outlook appears at the top left of the screen. I haven't yet worked out how to attach a screenshot but when I do I'll show you what the screen looks like. I think I've done it!
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    No, that's is a webmail tool based on Hotmail with a UI that mimicks the Outlook desktop application. has nothing whatsoever to do with Windows 8. You can use it from any version of Windows, or even a Mac or Linux.

    Oh, and you manage your contacts by click on the dropdown next to Outlook in the header, then choosing People from the drop down. is not tied to your computers login email address, you will always have to enter it manually. This is because it's a standard web app.

    If you use the Mail app in the start menu, then you can tie it to your login.
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    Thanks Mystere.
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Contacts in Outlook
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