I am subscribed to a Dutch forum about fly fishing. When subscribed to a topic I get an E-mail notifying me there is a new reply. In Windows 7 using IE9 (and previous versions) clicking the link would send me immediately to the page and the exact response that I had not read yet.

Now in Windows 8 using IE10 (both metro and desktop) clicking the link will always send me to the first page of the topic.

For example:

If I copy this link from my mail app and paste it in IE it does work. (I thought it didn't, but I just tested it and now it does.)
If I click the link from Outlook it works as well. So it seems to be more a problem of the Windows 8 mail app than IE10
If I forward the E-mail to myself (so, the sender is not "unknown" anymore) it doesn't work either.If I copy-paste the link in a new E-mail and send it to myself it doesn't work either.

Hope someone can help me!