hi hi

I have recently purchased a new desktop with windows 8 preinstalled and i seem to have an issue with chatrooms i visit - a problem i didnt have with windows 7

one of these sites is www.sensuouschatcom and yes that is an adult site which i hope doesnt break any rules

when i visit now i cant seem to post properly i cant see half the ones i post but others in the room can then i have to constantly reload pages to see my posts but there is no consistency for example i may be fine on one visit for 20 posts then the next visit only 3

i have tried firefox IE10 opera chrome and the same thing happens i have the latest flash n java installed (if i even need them for rooms im not sure)

all this leads me to believe there maybe a setup or option or some such in windows 8 that is causing this as this is the only thing that has changed ( i cant imagine its a pc hardware problem)

i really would appreciate any help that people can offer