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WIN 8 MAIL problems

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    WIN 8 MAIL problems

    I am not a happy user!

    I had seen the preview and tried it it seemed ok, this version is no doubt better.

    However, there are SIGNIFICANT problems with MAIL.

    I did not like the Mail and tried to download and use Windows live mail which I like.
    That worked for a while then stopped working.
    SO I went back to MAIL thinking it may be me it may work.
    I added my other accounts and it appeared to work.
    This morning it is not right, my GMail account says nothing new in the last 2 weeks even though I know there is and I have set it to sync all mails, (Yesterday they were all visible) today nothing is.

    Someone needs to get a grip or they will have a similar problem as Apple MAPS, and loose whatever goodwill they have.

    Searching the web for help I found this site which was saying the same thing months ago, why are MS NOT LISTENING?

    What Does Microsoft Have Against Email? | TechPinions

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    i have been using win live mail since August ,and it works just fine .i use hotmail and my ISP email addresses , what problems were you having .
    i don't use gmail why not just go to and get the mail from there
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    Well Caperjack does have a point about checking the website for mail but I do understand the convenience of using a desktop email client compare to the web client.

    When you refer to Mail I assume its the Metro app. I think all metro apps mostly use the server to store the data so they refresh when you open the app and do small background email checking but not storing the email on the computer. I see no problems with the app just that it only supports imap/EAS connections which is fine because of the Metro App philosophy of mobile. I even use it time to time but mostly use Outlook for offline mail, contacts, and other PIM stuff

    Windows Live Mail 2012 is just a client so there might be a connection problem between the client to the google server. If you have Two factor Authentication then you probably need to make a new client password for the device. If not, then try removing and adding the account.

    I personally use Outlook 2010 and Yahoo for main email but I also have my Client manage, Gmail, Aim Mail.

    I personally have a beef with Microsoft with my own problem:

    Well Try removing and adding the account. Next try other email clients like Thunderbird to check if its the client problem or some connection problem like wrong settings or maybe something blocking it like a firewall, router, dns, wifi, ISP, something.
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    Thank you for the comments.

    I may try after the Xmas period to re-instate the Window Live Mail Client.

    The Metro Mail is in my opinion 'not fit for purpose' still in Beta testing and should be pulled ASAP.
    MS are facing an uphill struggle to convince win 7 users to take on WIN 8. let alone the corporate world.
    A situation with the first thing a user wants ' a working mail service' is so disastrous, senior mgt should be looking at it.

    A non mail gripe... Is I understand the drive to Web based solutions for everything, but not everyone has super high speed broadband and some servers are slow or busy. Previously I would often request a web page, then switch to my local freecell type game and see how far I could get before the web page arrived. Now I have to even wait for the games browser to fetch 'freecell'

    I feel I can see the direction MS are trying to go but I am not sure their timing is right on everything.

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    Well I think you have an agenda. I don't see anything wrong with Metro Mail because it works with all Major Mail Services Yahoo, Google, AOL, and MSN/Live/hotmail/ and it also supports Exchange Mail. The only thing it does not support is POP3 accounts. It works for me and it syncs the mail but people should not depend on it because it is not establish like Outlook from Office.

    It is a working mail client that works but not for the Corporate world because they mostly use Outlook from Office and it is the Standard and the reason I still use it. Like Windows 7, Windows 8 does not come with a traditional Mail client so I see no difference between Windows 7 and windows 8.

    You probably install Desktop Mail App, A free one is provide by Microsoft or you can use the Popular Open source one Thunderbird:
    Windows Essentials: Other Programs
    Mozilla Thunderbird
    All Corporate users can rest assure that Outlook from Office works on Windows 8 except for the bloody signing and encrypting messages
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    Thanks for the reply.
    1. What problems..............
    a) No ability to use local storage, I keep important emails on my own backup system.
    b) No ability to Sort on sent by, Date, From, etc useful when clearing out.
    c) Inconsistent results my Gmail account on Metro mail says no new mail in last two weeks when I know there are some including a test email I sent.
    d) Maybe my setup!) I have duplicate Gmail visible on the metro mail page.
    e) No way of adding a new email sender to my contacts.
    f) Mails arriving, as unread form old emails, with no way of quickly identifying them to check if they are important.

    I am sure there is more I could find if I really started testing.

    Having worked in IT since 1968 I would say this is not a viable release.

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    Your right.

    WHY are you using Metro mail app?????

    If you work in IT you should be using Outlook
    Email and Calendar Software | Microsoft Outlook -
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    Thanks for the reply.
    1. I have no Agenda I am an early adopter, I have always been a fan of MS since the early days of EXCEL on a SIRUS type PC.
    2. I first try the new items on the new OS, I found Metro mail did not have the items on my last post, so
    3. I downloaded the latest version of Windows live mail, which worked for that evening, then stopped working the next day
    4. So I thought I would persevere with Metro mail but having used it for 4 days see my last post.
    5. I am now happily retired and do not want to pay for OUTLOOK Which I used to love when I was in the corporate IT world, especially as there are good free clients out there. Being retired I no longer need all the bells and whistles on a full blown OUTLOOK.
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    i am having the same problem.
    I was using windows 8 mail, didn't like it, started using windows live again, it worked, then stopped working. Now i am back to windows 8 mail.
    I have my hotmail and my gmail set up there.
    periodically it just will not bring in or send email even though I have an internet connection.
    I really am not a having camper..just like the OP
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    Windows 10 Pro (x64)

    Oh I see.

    Have you guys tried Thunderbird (no Cost) and my Dad uses it:
    Mozilla Thunderbird
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WIN 8 MAIL problems
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