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Internet Explorer 9... Thoughts?

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    Internet Explorer 9... Thoughts?

    So I've been using the beta of Internet explorer 9 and now I downloaded the Release Candidate. After really using it...I find it's still quite horrible. There I said it. I really want Microsoft to do better, but they just are not delivering. Reading all those stuff about the how it's showing the beauty of the web, I was expecting better. Chrome and firefox render the pages well, whereas internet explorer 9 is just lacking in every aspect. They said people are having to catch up with them but they can't even build a browser to render websites designed for this new era. I'm hoping they fix this at some point but who knows. I have been sending them feedback but they probably just delete it.

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    Please Remember that IE9 is a RC At the moment I would wait til the RTM Is released because that is when it Shows what the Final Relaese will be going to look/do
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    The RC is a nice improvement over the beta. Can't wait till the rtm.
    comparison of latest browsers:

    IE9 RC vs. Chrome 10 / 9 vs. Opera 11 vs. Firefox 11 – Performance Comparison - Softpedia
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    true I will continue to try out updates meanwhile I will also continue to send them feedback one thing that I didn't like was that they don't have a version for windows xp. To me that's a bad mistake they need to still continue releasing browser updates for windows xp since chrome and firefox work on xp. It just baffles me why they would not support their own operating system. I get they want people to upgrade to windows 7, but I still think since a large marketshare is still using windows xp they need to target that demographic.
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    The reason they don't support XP is because of some of the browser features. XP is dying and people need to let go of it, and Microsoft knows that. Not to mention that official support is ending soon, or has ended.
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    Well XP support is ending and obviously will no longer be supported but that doesn't mean people have to let go of it. I personally would not still use XP but they are leaving XP people in the dark and the fact that many don't want to move on just shows how much more they should support it and by support I don't mean like technical. From what I've read the new browser features can be done on XP as firefox also has the same features and firefox works on XP as well. I'm hoping they support more web standards. I will follow and thanks for discussing!
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    If people want to use an outdated OS, then they can use an outdated browser. When they're ready to accept technology and move on, then they can use the new stuff.

    [/xp rant]

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    I love my Windows 3.1
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    I liked the RC. I thought it had a good rendering. But then I have not used FF or Chrome for awhile so I have nothing to compare it to. I thought it had a great look to it.
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    I tried the beta for a bit, liked it. Now giving the RC some good usage. It's a bit slower than the beta was(for me), but I still like it. Hope the Final is just like it.
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Internet Explorer 9... Thoughts?
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