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Internet Explorer 9... Thoughts?

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    I Don't Like IE-9

    Well after just one day I made up my mind. I don't like the interface and all that Bing stuff. Silverlight is not compatible with 64 bit browsers. They moved Favorites/Feeds/History to the right side (WHY)? The search window eliminated. I just uninstalled 9 from the lappy and went back to IE-8. If anyone else wants to get rid of 9 here is what to do.

    In some circumstances you may need to uninstall Internet Explorer 9 to get back to a previous version, however, when they try to uninstall IE9 through add/remove programs, IE9 is not in the installed programs list. Internet Explorer 9 is listed under Installed Updates.
    To uninstall IE9 use the following steps.
    1. Close all programs.
    2. Click Start, and then click Control Panel.
    3. Click Uninstall a Program under the Programs category
    4. In the Tasks pane, click View installed updates.
    5. In the list of installed updates, double-click Windows Internet Explorer 9.
    6. In the Uninstall an update dialog box, click Yes.
    Note If you are prompted for an administrator password or for confirmation, type the password, or click Continue.
    7. Follow the instructions to uninstall Internet Explorer 9.
    8. When the uninstall program is finished, restart your computer.
    9. After you restart your computer, open Internet Explorer.
    10. Click About Internet Explorer on the Help menu. If Internet Explorer 7 or 8 appears in the About Internet Explorer dialog box, then you have successfully completed the uninstall.
    For additional information on installing and uninstalling Internet Explorer 9, visit the following link:

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    IE9 works. What more do you want. Whether the controls are left, right, top or bottom - who cares. I only want them to do what they are designed to do.
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    after using the final ( i believe they are not fixing, unless there are updates like 9.1 or something) version. I have to say I am fully disappointed. Has it improved? Yes taking on many cues from other browsers, most notably chrome and everything has been simplified which is nice. Speed is now faster, which is another plus. However the most important thing for a browser which is the ability to view pages is still horrible. There are so many web standards it doesn't support, its hard to view websites I've designed. It makes the point of using it as a go to browser very pointless. It's a great improvement over 8 but not enough and it's been a while.
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    IE9 = Amazing Browser. Major improvements over IE8. I just love it how Microsoft made a URL Search/Search Provider Bar (All-In-One).
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    Louisville, KY
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    The more I use IE9 the more I like it. It does have some quirks in it, but most programs do. I have never played with Chrome or FireFox, but really don't feel the need to either.
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    I'd rather be Fishing...
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    One question......where is all this "Bing stuff" at?
    I've seen 2 or 3 people complain about that, and MSN.......where the hell are you ppl seeing this stuff? I haven't seen a trace of MSN or bing, besides using bing as the search provider.
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    Louisville, KY
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    I haven't seen a lot of it either. And I made google my default search engine.
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    Not impressed by IE9. It's ok, better than IE8? Maybe. But I'm such a fan of Opera, any other browser would have to convince me to switch. Hasn't happened yet. A Guy
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    Louisville, KY
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    I've never really tried any other bowser, but IE.
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    I'm OK with IE9... however, it's not as flexible as Firefox 4.
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Internet Explorer 9... Thoughts?
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