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Web content displayed at lower quality with IE than Chrome

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    Web content displayed at lower quality with IE than Chrome

    I dont know if this issue is specific to windows 8 but it was only after I just installed win8 that I began to use the new IE 10 besides chrome. The differences I will show you are present no matter I run the desktop IE or the start screen one.

    Chrome Click image for larger version

    IE Click image for larger version

    the differences are much visible on avatars where you can see shimerings and jagged edges but I believe there are for other elements too like fonts or video tiles etc.

    So my questions:

    1)how to get the same quality the chrome offers for explorer too?
    2) how can one to get the best quality in displaying web content for every browser ? ( IE and chrome especially )
    3) what settings in your graphic card control panel affects the web content ( I have an GeForce gtx 660 with the latest driver)
    4) what graphic/visual/display features or technologies are integrated/supported within the above mentioned browsers? Im reffering to antialiasing , anisotropic filtering etc. And which ones can be ajusted/set? Im asking this being aware of potential conflicts between my Nvidia control panel settings and the browser ones?
    5)in relation with the question 4) what is to be selected in Nvdia control panel at"antialiasing mode" ?: see the picture Click image for larger version

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    1) well, ie10 is a new browser, it might have many bugs. Try to disable accelerated graphics in ie settings.
    2) there is no options for such a thing as web page quality. the only thing that can affect it is bug.
    3) none.
    5) that AA is only for games, not for fonts.
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    if you have both browsers can you check if you have the same "bug" by visiting your youtube page witn both ?

    Nvidia control panel setings are not only for games: some affect your desktop, web pages , online video players etc.. Thanks but I need a further answer on that ?
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    Nope, i can't, i use windows 7 for now and i dont have ie10 or chrome at the moment. Yes, you can change some desktop settings in nvidia's cp, but it shouldn't bother you, unless you have changed all settings randomly, because default settings must be good for everything and shouldn't affect anything in your web browser. Anyway, if changing ie10 accelerated graphics from gpu to software doesn't fix the problem with pictures, then you probably must wait for ie10 or nvidia's drivers updates.
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    nope that didnt helped. what Ive further noticed is that IE10 is displying some fonts ridiclously small. Some comands button texts on some forums that are even so quite small they are kinda shrinked in IE 100

    Click image for larger versionClick image for larger version
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    It could also be site coding.
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    can you take a look ♅Sturm und Drang♅: View Profile - Total War Center Forums and see for yourself
    Ive changed the encoding in options from unicode to western europe or smth or viceversa but ddnt changed
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Web content displayed at lower quality with IE than Chrome
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