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using Thunderbird in windows 8

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    using Thunderbird in windows 8

    I was very disappointed with the window8 email program as my cable provider uses pop & the window8 does not allow pop. I tried windows live mail but it was flaky because it was not compatible 8. Now I installed Thunderbird & so far am very satisfied with it. In fact I like it better than live mail on windows 7. jimjoh

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    Yep Tbird is very good.
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    Yeah thunderbird is really good.I started using it this year and haven't regretted it. The only drawback on w8 is there's no TB metro app. And mozilla do not plan to make one.
    Hopefully they change their mind.
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    Windows 8

    Thunderbird installed well for me on W8. Configured my pop email well. One problem: it refuses to display embedded html (no signatures with graphics, no embedded pictures) I found the options to enable them in TB, but it makes no difference. TB17 will not display embedded images in W8. Anyone else have that problem? Or better yet, a solution.
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    I have Thunderbird on Windows 8 as well and it's working fine. I'm ambivalent about whether they make a Metro version since most of the other apps I use are also desktop, not Metro. I don't really need another minute reason to visit Metro.
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    Windows 8

    So when you get an incoming email with embedded graphic, TB displays the graphic when you read the email? With my W8 installation, instead of the graphic, I simply get the text name of the graphic that I sent, for example,

    graphic name
    This is the text of the email which follows the graphic.
    I have, of course, changed the settings to allow imbedded pics and to display in original html. No difference. In my client's case, it's an important consideration.
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    Win 8

    Mozilla are committed to open source and web standards, Microsoft are not so I doubt there will ever be a Metro app.
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    Embedded pictures display normally in Tbird for me. I don't recall having to set anything special for this, it just worked. However, I did migrate Tbird 17 from XP by moving the profile with MozBackup - but I don't recall setting anything in XP either.

    Also, when I embed pictures in emails I can see them. Do you see pictures in emails from your Sent folder?
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    Windows 8

    For me it was a fresh install of TB17 on a new Windows 8 machine. The problem comes not from outgoing TB emails, but from incoming (actually from Outlook10. If I paste in a graphic on Outlook and send it to my machine with TB/W8, the email looks as though I had not pasted the graphic in. But I did. If I CC to O10, O10 sees it just fine. Attached graphic files seem to work fine, but all embedded pics are filtered out somewhere.

    BTW: Many thanks for your time and attention.
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    Windows 8

    OK, finally figured it out. The inconsistency was introduced by the sending email client (Outlook 7). One of my customers was sending in rich text rather than HTML. When I had him change it to HTML, TB has no problem rendering the file properly.

    Appreciate the help, hopefully this will be useful for someone somewhere. Bottom Line: Thunderbird 17 performed as advertised for embedded graphics.
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using Thunderbird in windows 8
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