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Outlook 2010 search not working

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    Outlook 2010 search not working

    Hello Everyone,

    In Outlook, I just started maybe within the past month or two using the search very heavily. At first, it worked without error, but then all of a sudden it stopped. I don't know what happened. Now, when I search nothing comes up.

    I did a Google search and tried to rebuild the index, the inbox repair tool, Office 2010 Home & Business Repair and restart of the computer. Still the search is not working.

    Should I uninstall and re install outlook? Should I start a brand new .pst file? Any other methods.

    Thank you all for your help.

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    Here is an update. Since, the options I discovered from doing my research didn't work. I decided to start from scratch. I started a brand new .pst file, deleted my mail profile and started a new one. I also use iCloud for my iPhone and I signed out and removed. I then imported all my content from the old .pst file and just re setup my email accounts again. Then re installed iCloud.

    The Good news is, it fixed the problem and my search works flawless. Here is the bad news, the search doesn't work at all for iCloud. Both options under Search Tools: Locations to Search, Outlook and iCloud are both selected, but with still no luck. Since I don't use iCloud for email that is why it is working for email, but I do use iCloud for Calendar, Contacts and mixed tasks.

    Is there a way to fix this so I can search Contacts etc. for iCloud?

    Thank you for any answers.
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    Ok Everyone, the problem is now solved. Here is the solution. There is a slight bug, but I just discovered it by playing around for hours

    A. First, type what you want to search in the instant search field and press enter. It will then say, nothing is found.

    B. You then have to re click the search field, but don't type anything else.

    C. The Search Tools should be now displayed. Go to the Scope section at the Far left. In my case, All Contact Items is selected. You then click Current Folder and WALA, the search item you were looking for pops up.

    D. If All Contact Items is not selected, you might have to do a double take and select all contact items and then current folder.

    If anyone has found a different way to fix this, please post it here. Would love to now. I hope this helps everyone that had the same problem as me. It feels great to have this whole thing working again. Peace out everyone and have a nice day.
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Outlook 2010 search not working
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