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with Mail in Windows8 LOOKING for SPELL CHECK

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    with Mail in Windows8 LOOKING for SPELL CHECK

    hey when I click on the app for mail

    I get all my mail from different email addresses I set up

    I like that

    but here is the problem for me

    by me not being the sharpest tool in the shed I cannot find spell check

    when I am writing a response or creating an email to someone else

    no where on the screen is spell check

    can anyone help on this

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    It has auto check facility, it corrects as you type.
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    Hello njnitehawk,

    In Windows 8, the spell checking feature is a global setting that includes Store apps as well.

    Spell Checking - Turn On or Off in Windows 8
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    thanks Brink

    I had the red line on a word yesterday

    and the word was spelt wrong and the red line was under it and nothing changed

    p.s. now I cannot it get any new mail only thru windows live mail
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    Yeah, I find that it doesn't always auto correct the spelling, but it's good at pointing them out to you with the red line.
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    Brink and fellow 8s'

    now i cannot get mail or get online thru store

    what do i need to do

    i can get on ie10 thru the programs but not get anything from store or mail
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    Hmm, ok. I got a few questions below to see if we can get this figured out.

    What happens when you try?

    Where did you get your copy of Windows 8 from?

    Did you do anything like disable UAC?

    Are you using any 3rd party AV or firewall program?
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with Mail in Windows8 LOOKING for SPELL CHECK
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