I can't get AutoComplete (username/password) to work with Hotmail / Outlook.com ( IE10).
or has somebody ever gotten this to work?
It would be nice if somebody could test this, because i dont think iam the only one where it doesnt work.
AutoComplete doesnt appear at the bottom of the screen when signing in to Outlook.com/Hotmail.
Ist not a general Problem, AutoComplete does work for other sites, just not for Outlook.com/Hotmail.

Here is a list of what i have already tried:
1) activated all check boxes in IE settings (Content -> AutoComplete)
2) Clear browser CacheD
3) Run IE10 Troubleshooter
4) Reset IE10
5) Used IE10 on different User Account
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IntelliForms
--> AskUser to 1

thanks for help