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Browser Connection Problems

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    Windows 8 Pro

    Browser Connection Problems

    Hi guys,
    I have just upgraded from Windows 7 Home Premium to Windows 8 Pro and am extremely frustrated with my browser connection. I say browser rather than internet as that seems to be running fine with feeds on the start screen and uploads/downloads continuing in the background with no issues (other machines in the house having no issues using Windows 7). Indeed, software updates connect to the net and download with no issues. I have used Iexplorer, Google Chrome and Opera, the first two have been used both through the new Win8 Start Screen (awful) and in desktop mode with the same effect - Waiting for 'website' which just continues until I close the application.

    Only cure I have found is to restart the machine and it works immediately after. I can't give a specific time before it can't access the web again but it is extremely annoying and was not evident throughout my time on Windows 7. Have tried trouble shooting to no avail - says everything OK.

    Posted this issue on Microsoft Community and two other users have reported the same effect after upgrade on both desktop and laptops. However, one user has done a clean install and the problem still persists. Have had some help with suggestions to cure but they have not worked for any of us. For information, my post is here: Browser connection problems following Windows 8 Upgrade - Microsoft Community

    Getting to the point of reverting back to Windows 7 or try a clean install of either Windows 7 or 8. Please help if you can. Any help would be greatly received.

    My system information is as follows:
    Board: MSI Z77A-G43
    Bios: Version 2.7
    VGA: AMD Radeon HD 7850
    PSU: Elite Power 500W CoolMaster
    Intel Core i7-3770K Quad Core 3.4GHz LGA 1155
    MEM: 4x8gb
    HDD: Seagate 2TB and Seagate 3TB (both internal with Windows on 2TB)
    OS: Windows 8 64bit Professional

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    Hi Effenberg11, welcome to the forums, you could try few things:
    1. Run cmd as admin, enter ipconfig /flushdns.
    2.remove the HD7850 and try with on board graphics.
    3. If you have any third party security installed, uninstall it.
    4. remove the second hard drive and leave only the OS hard drive.
    I am not sure any of these will help but worth a try.
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    Win 8; win7

    I am having exactly the same issue, with all browsers. At first I thought it was an issue with Chrome but Firefox is the same. It didn't seem to be resolving the DNS so I tried manually setting the DNS servers to google (, at first this seemed to do it but I have the same issue again! I also tried flushing caches and restarting windsock etc, but am seriously contemplating going back to Win7. I'm not sure i can se a single advantage in Win8...

    Would appreciate any help... I am running win7 on one drive and win 8 on the other so it isn't a hardware issue
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    I did have similar problems after installing windows updates released 14/11, this morning I did a system restore and the symptoms have gone but I will have to monitor.
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    Would not think this would relate but years ago browsers would work well then slow if not stop. The cache was filling up and not emptying older stuff to make room for newer correctly. You could try - when it slows, dump the cache and see if things are corrected.
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    None of the above worked for me so did clean install on Saturday 17 November. No problems to date but fairly clean of applications to date. Will install one at a time and if I find anything that affects the browser again I will post.
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    Not sure if my problem is the same but i did an upgrade from W7 to W8 Pro and for some reason i cannot access my gmail account or even sign up for a microsoft account as i cant access my old.

    when i try to access those two (only accounts i have tried, not sure about others) then all it says is "Webpage cannot be displayed" make sure TLS and SSl are enabled etc and check connection.. i've done updates and everything i know of.. but wont help
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    Tampa Bay
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    MS Windows 8.1 Pro 64-bit with WMC

    On 27 Oct 12

    I also, did a recovery (refresh) because of problems with the Modern UI (metro) in IE10 and the Mail App connections

    All is well to date....The Mail App is still a flop...I do not need it anyway

    I use Live Mail, Opera Mail, and Gmail in Win 8

    I just avoid the UI Gui (metro) when using any browser ....I have never been able to get metro mail to connect correctly

    Maybe? Down the road someone will post a solution...but until then...I will use the desktop mostly

    I find running the browsers in desktop is fine
    (I use IE10, FF, Chrome and Opera)

    BTW: Not to hijack your thread but I get a series of subject no sender when opening the Mail the old 1969 Palm problem...that was fixed via the Palm Os patch....looks like a virus but I am now convinced it is a corrupted Win 8 problem
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    Windows 8 Pro

    Following my last post after clean install on 17 November, just loaded some free apps through the store via Start Screen and lost internet for a few seconds. Set up one app for direct feed then the Nat Geographic just sat there so went to desktop and opened iExplorer and here it is again.... waiting for website!!!

    Only installed utorrent and Avast Pro antivirus software apart from these apps that have just gone on. So I guess the problem must be with Windows 8. Another user also said these symptoms returned post a clean install for him. He had a laptop and mine is a desktop for the record.

    Give it rest of this week to see what frequency I get for this issue before binning and returning to Windows 7 if problem persists. Not happy.

    Update 27 November. Sorted. Avast was causing the problem / instability and not had an issue since removing this programme. Still think Win8 is a bit fragile though and have to be careful when updating drivers etc. and take one step at a time.
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