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Outlook 2010 not working properly since upgrade to Windows

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    Quote Originally Posted by KellyO View Post
    Wouldn't I lose all my saved emails/folders if I did that?
    You should not lose any files. You will need to open the outlook.pst and archive.pst back into Outlook after reinstalling. It is always a good idea to back up those files before uninstalling Outlook.

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    I also just upgraded to a new computer and tried to windows mail from my old computer. I contacted my ISP because Ii was losing emails intermittently as it seemed they were being removed from the ISP server. After many hours with my ISP tech division we finally changed my password in both computers and now I get all my emails. Still don't like how email functions though since I cannot open downloads from received emails nor can I send them to the desk top... jury out for me on windows 8
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    If you search the Web you will see many users are having troubles with Outlook running unusably slowly in Windows 8. I've yet to find a solution that works for me (including a reinstall of Outlook). That Outlook works fine for some of you is mysterious and makes me envious.
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    What did it for me: disable all add-ins, restart the computer. Works for now at least.
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    So, I found a solution that has worked: Uninstallation of my web cam software. Actually, IE quit loading and I searched about that issue to discover the answer to that issue. It coincidentally fixed Outlook, too. Strange.
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    > Since upgrading to Windows 8 (from 7) a week ago my Outlook 2010 email has been faulty. It keeps stopping emails coming in or out and I have to (daily) run a 'repair' to get it to work. I contacted my ISP (Virgin) and they said that Outlook doesn't work with Windows 8 and said I should use Live.

    Vendor angle: Have you happened to have checked with Microsoft to see if they actually do not support Outlook 2010 on Windows 8? I look forward to hearing Microsoft's answer.

    Outlook profile angle: Focusing on the emails stopping, and you believe it is not the ISP, it could be a corrupt Outlook profile. You might need to delete the profile and re-create it with Outlook not running. Then use Control Panel > Mail to delete a profile and re-create it.

    Connection angle: Perhaps Windows 8 is losing connection to your WiFi - try connecting directly with Ethernet instead. Separately, try disabling IPv6 on the NIC and reboot. Try any other software that heavily uses the Internet to see if it could be not related to the OS or interoperability with the client.

    Upgrade angle: I don't like anything about upgrading to 'fix' a problem. However, if Outlook 2010 doesn't work with Windows 7, is there an Outlook 2013 you can try instead? Is there a 'compatibility mode' you can set Outlook to run in by right clicking on the exe and go to properties?

    Client angle: Have you ever tried -- it is one of the most used email clients besides Outlook. Since your mail accessed via IMAP then you can use any IMAP client to access your mail. also has the ability to access your mail via IMAP. Gmail can be set to access your mail as well.

    OS angle: Have you tried using a product such as or an external drive and robocopy c: e: * so that all of your files are copied from your hard drive to the external drive -- then erase your computer's hard drive and reinstall Windows 7?

    If you love Windows 8 as well as Outlook 2010, you could install vmware, install Windows 7 into a vmware and install Outlook 2010 into your Windows 7 vmware and run it on top of Windows 8. Or you could bet a Mac Book Pro with vmware or parallels and do the same thing.
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    I'm not sure where to post this but I can't get my Outlook 2010 to work it says that outlook can't start or open the outlook window. The set of fodlers cannot be opened, file access is denied you do not have permission required to access file and it points to the outlook.pst file. this is strange because it was working fine for months, I'm the administrator, it's my computer, I'm still logged in as the adminstrator etc..
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Outlook 2010 not working properly since upgrade to Windows
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