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Outlook 2010 not working properly since upgrade to Windows

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    Wouldn't I lose all my saved emails/folders if I did that?

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    Wouldn't I lose all my saved emails/folders if I did that?
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    The reason why no-one is answering your question is because no-one wants to be responsible if you lose your emails.

    However you should find that your emails and folders are all stored in a *.pst file, so you it's advisable to create a backup of this. If they are business emails and important, you should really backup this pst file on a regular basis anyway, in case you have a hard-drive failure, etc.

    If you go to File > Account Settings > Data Files it should show you a list of the Personal Folders and the location of the PST files. I can't think of any reasons why you would lose your emails as long as you have a backup of the pst file(s) somewhere safe, but it maybe worth doing a search around the net in case there is something I've over-looked.
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    Thank you for your honest reply, and I appreciate the tips. I'll certainly back up those files and also look into reinstalling Outlook before I do it.
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    I just went into Control Panel and ran a troubleshooter on Programs, selecting Outlook 2010 from the list of programmes. It did a scan and then I saved settings as Windows 7, which seemed to work fine. But right after the save I got a 'Incompatible Program' message in the Troubleshooter window. This says that Outlook 2010 is incompatible, but how can that be if other people are using it okay and surely Windows wouldn't create an upgrade that was incompatible with one of the most commonly used email programmes?:
    Program Compatibility Troubleshooter Publisher details

    Issues found
    Incompatible Program
    Incompatible Program
    Microsoft Outlook 2010 is incompatible.
    Detected [IMG]res://sdiageng.dll/warning.png[/IMG]
    Fix application Microsoft Outlook 2010 Completed
    Issues found Detection details

    6 Incompatible Program Detected [IMG]res://sdiageng.dll/warning.png[/IMG]
    Microsoft Outlook 2010 is incompatible.
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    Just run live essentials. It's works perfect with windows 8.

    Add an email account by using the add email account link.
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    Just some thoughts.

    Outlook on mine had a setting that left the emails on the server and every time I opened outlook on another machine they would download again.

    2010 works fine for me on a 7 to 8 upgrade.

    As before, do you get any error messages when you send a test email in the account setup area?

    There is one of the slots that is labeled user name that with my server requires the full email addy rather than just the user name.
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    Thanks, agh, it's happening again. It opened fine this morning so I thought perhaps my trouble shooting yesterday had fixed it. I don't get an error message at all what's happening is the emails are downloading very very slowly. So the SEnd/Receive Progress bar gets stuck somewhere in the middle and the display for each account just says 'processing' / 'downloading messages' BUT they won't come through. It's got stuck at '6 of 14 tasks have completed successfully'. The green bar still has the light going over it which indicates it's not crashed. When I send a test it will come through, on my phone or online accounts, but not on Outlook, unless I go through and try to 'repair' it again, which itself takes hours.
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    Whatismore, I seem to be still recieving emails to my IMAP account on Outlook, but it's not sending mine out on any of my accounts.
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    Just some thoughts:

    Is your outlook 32 bit and 8 64? Can't figure the incompatibility message, doesn't make sense???

    Before uninstalling outlook I'd delete all of your accounts, reboot and start over if you haven't. I've had terrible trouble setting up accounts at times as has my wife on all versions of outlook we've used. I think it gets confused after trying different things.

    Talk to your different servers and get all the info they require. Some have started using different settings in the advanced area that cause similar problems as you are having with slow clunky downloads. My wife's new rig started having problems, changed one of those settings and it cured it - I got a new rig and am using the old settings and have had no problems.

    You might try calling MS if you can find a FREE number.
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Outlook 2010 not working properly since upgrade to Windows
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