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IE10 download issues

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    Windows 8 Pro

    IE10 download issues

    I'm using Win8 Pro on an old Lenovo Thinkpad T61p, with a Logitech T650 Touchpad. I've run into an issue with IE10 that I can reproduce at will. Actually it's a set of issues, both involving downloads.

    1. Often when I go to a site to download an application (for example to download Lightroom from Adobe), and press the "download" button, nothing happens. If I start Firefox and try the same thing, this step works just fine.

    2. Once downloaded (with Firefox in this case), when I try to run the downloaded file, I get a message indicating "signature of <file> is corrupt or invalid".

    Is this a known issue with Win 8? Maybe there's a setting I don't know about that disables downloading apps from sources other than the Win 8 app store? If so, it should tell me something useful and not fail silently on the download and/or give me a checksum error).

    Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, thanks!
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    I'm about 50 minutes into a brand new installation and I can't download anything with IE10 either. It gets to the END of the download, then I get the message in the lower slide up notifier "can't download file"

    Were you ever able to solve your issue?
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IE10 download issues
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