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Management of Windows Live Mail - Windows Essentials 2012

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    Management of Windows Live Mail - Windows Essentials 2012


    Having upgraded to Windows 8 Pro 64 bit, I have discovered that I have limited control of my options, in Windows Live Mail (Essentials 2012 version)!

    Prior to the upgrade, and with the 2011 version of WLM, I was able, through the Options facility to select certain actions, such as:

    "Send/Receive on Start up!
    Delete messages from the deleted folder on close down!

    The Options Tab, which allowed these choices, was on the tool bar, at the top of the window, just below, and just to the left of the Close Window X!

    This facility does not appear on the current 2012 version!

    I would appreciate any advice on this matter

    At the moment, I have to manually select Send/Receive, and manually delete old messages

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    Hi Theo, When first installing W8 I noticed the 'Tile' for Windows Live Mail in 'all apps'. Didn't take much notice as don't use Live Mail which in W7 & W8 was an integral part of Messenger. However to use Messenger you had to create a Live Mail/Hotmail a/c.
    Well having become more settled with what I need in W8 I thought I'd have a look at the 'Windows Live Mail' and so pinned the tile to Start & Desktop. I just opened it today and found it has the new UI of the Ribbon Type which makes it very flexible and perhaps more attractive to future use by me. I also noticed it had the 'Options' you require, which you will find on the Toolbar when you create a new message. Hope this helps.
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    Hi Yorky

    Thank you for this message; fortunately, after a lot of trouble shooting, I have resolved this issue - Not too confident, how!!

    Prior to my first install of the Windows 8 Pro 64, upgrade, I re-installed a copy of a clean installation of Windows 7, as provided by the manufacturer of my PC. I then installed, Mail, from Windows Essentials 2012

    I then performed the upgrade to Windows 8, live from within Windows 7 - This avoided the bother of finding new drivers!

    Nearly everything worked fine, except for the problem with Windows Live Mail; I could not find any way to access the options - Location of Store folder - Selecting Mail to Send/Receive on start up - Delete "deleted" messages, on closure - etc.

    In desperation, I decided to re-install Windows 8.

    This time I deleted all of my partitions, and reformatting them (Paragon Back up & Recovery 2012).

    I then reinstalled the clean copy of Windows 7 (The one above), but this time, refraining from installing Mail, from Windows Essentials 2012! Then again performed the upgrade to Windows 8, live from within Windows 7.

    At this point, I installed Mail, from Windows Essentials 2012

    Problems cured - Left clicking the Blue File tab, in Mail, opened up a window, with Options.

    I'm not sure, whether this was due to a corruption of Mail, first time round, or whether deleting/formatting my drives cleared something on my drive.

    You live & learn

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    Windows 8 Pro 64 bit

    Hi Theo, Main thing is you got there, good.
    Being well retired I use my Computer as a hobby and enjoy puzzling my way through new OS & Programs which is why I downloaded & installed W8Pro on 25th Oct. It's daily exercise for the elderly brain.
    My main email is Thunderbird and I look forward to when that might be incorporated to work with the Pictures Tile, thereby allowing me to use the Share Charm. In the meantime I just continue to attach files to Thunderbird as normal.
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Management of Windows Live Mail - Windows Essentials 2012
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