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the only good touch browser is IE, Firefox acceptable, Chrome bad

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    the only good touch browser is IE, Firefox acceptable, Chrome bad

    Normally, I use Chrome first because it's the fastest. Firefox is the most reliable and I use it second most (if it had the speed of Chrome, I'd completely use Firefox). IE was third for me.

    however, now that I've had a chance to play around on a touch monitor...

    IE10 is the only really responsive browser with the touch interface. Pinch to zoom is much more responsive than the other browsers.

    Firefox does have the touch features that IE has but it's very laggy. You can zoom out or in but it takes a second to respond. So sometimes you're not sure if it recognized your touch or if it's just lagging.

    I don't think Chrome has any touch features outside of scrolling the screen up and down. I was big-time disappointed by this. I hope Chrome brings it soon. No need to gimp this browser.

    From what I read, Mozilla is closer to releasing a metro version of Firefox than Google is. Let's hope it has fully responsive touch like IE because I feel more comfortable with Firefox as it has better web compatibility.

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    true dat
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    I have an issue in regards to my browsing experience in Windows 8. Although it may be a slight detour to the original topic, it would be of great appreciation if any were to provide assistance. Currently my Laptop runes full Windows 8 Pro, complete with default applications. However IE touch is absent and I have by no means discovered a method for it's recovery. Although the 'modern UI' version of IE is designed for touch devices, it is supposed to be present as a default application on all versions of Windows 8. Recently I played a few demo's, of other windows 8 devices in store all of which had IE touch. My system does have the 'GOOGLE' application, however it is a rather unreasonable substitute due to it's lack of ability to create multiple tabs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Click image for larger version
    *Below is an image of which demonstrates the
    absence of IE 'touch, in which IE the desktop
    application is only avalible.
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    I seemed to have sourced a solution to the issue. My apologies for disrupting this thread.
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    On the subject of relevance. I would too, consider IE touch an excellent mobile browser. Having recently spent time experimenting with touch controls and responsiveness, on an all in one (touch-screen capable) Windows 8 machine. The browser performed excellent, with extremely responsive control's and butter smooth scrolling, complemented by fast load times.
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    yes, in case people have lost the ability to launch the Metro version of IE10, you need to make Metro IE10 the default browser. If you installed Chrome or Firefox, it's most likely you selected to make one of those the default browser. If you did make Chrome or Firefox or Opera or any other browser the default browser, when you select IE10 from the Start screen, it'll load the desktop version of IE10 rather than the Metro version.

    go to Default Programs in the Control Panel and choose Internet Explorer as your default browser. You will not lose the ability to use Chrome, Firefox or any other browser.
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    can anybody with touchscreen try this old test version of opera mobile to see how it goes
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the only good touch browser is IE, Firefox acceptable, Chrome bad
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