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IE 10 and Java

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    it Only works if you start ie from the desktop. Tips for using Java on Windows 8

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    Thanks for that stratoc, yeah I have been over all the help sections on the Java site, my specific problem is with the desktop version of IE it is refusing to work with Java.

    If you google this problem you will find quite a few others who have the same problem, no fix yet that I know of.

    Have tried old and new versions of Java in both 32 and 64 bit, installed and uninstalled countless times, have run the install in compatibility modes and run as admin still no luck.
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    I have had the same issue. I hope my experience can help you, even though I can see you already tried with different bit versions.

    My mistake was assuming ie 10 was a 64 bit application. Turns out the default version which I'm using is 32bit.
    What fixed it for me was uninstalling all versions of java. Then installing the version the java download page suggest (was the newest 32 bit version) And then making sure to accept that ie 10 is allowed to run java once it was needed(in the yellow popup at the bottom of the screen) There are other ways to activate java in ie, but this is the simplest.

    Hope this helps, Regards.
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    I have Windows 8 using desktop IE 10 installed jave 32 bit and 64 bit and it is installed and enabled but will not run. Web sites say enable java and thengive some driection, which I already did many times I have uninstalled and re installed 32bit 3 times and 64 bit 2x. I found directions to used the off line installers and did that still no luck. I can't stand the arrogance of this company to mess with everyone so much just to get everything to be microsoft.
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    I have also done what Nezkr did and did not get it to work. ALso turned of all anti malewares and antiviruses. don luck. now I am searching for my system restore to roll back this mess and try again. ANy new ideas. ?? I have been with tech and repairs in my own business for 13 years and have lots of OS experience and this is rediculuous. you do everything they want, jump through all the hoops and still no bananas. this is a lenovo laptop and I did install the stradock Start 8 software to return the start menu. I would hate to have to restore the puppy and undo all the setup i have done.
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    Hi leslieo, try this link to verify the Java version (it doesn't matter if you don't have it installed at the moment), I have just upgraded to 10 from 9.
    Verify Java Version
    Click image for larger version
    Click image for larger version
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    thank you it is installed but doesn't function. says it is not enabled. can't enable it even though in every area to enable it it says ti is already enabled. I installed Google Chrome. I had to download it off line and jump drive it o over to the 8 machine because the download button isn't active. sigh.... Chrome seems to work well but it really bothersm e not to fix it. AUGH It will keep me engaged when I dont have the time to be so.
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    Quote Originally Posted by leslieo View Post
    I installed Google Chrome. I had to download it off line and jump drive it o over to the 8 machine because the download button isn't active. sigh.... Chrome seems to work well but it really bothersm e not to fix it. AUGH It will keep me engaged when I dont have the time to be so.
    I tried for about a week on and off to get Java working in IE 10, in the end I gave up and went over to Chrome too, for some people it just refuses to run even though it is installed correctly. I have been working with PC's since the late nineties but it has beaten me. Still Chrome is OK.
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    Yeah, I use chrome on my vista machine all the time. this machine is for my daughter who isn't too tech savvy she is familiar with Internet Explorer. I think they may have screwed something in Microsoft some version or something. this machine is a lenovo. Funny, when I first tried to install Java 7 update 10 it gave me an error message Java will not run on this machine. which sounded very ominous, and the installation failed I ran javaRa and then got the off line version and it installed fine Just wont run. Me tooo, have been doing this since 3.1 and don't usually like to let these things beat me but this one did. Also on another 8 i tried to get the guy his solitare through xbox and everything went the way it was supposed to but no game. Big screwup. I just didn't have the will to deal with xbox and Microsoft making everyone get an account to use their o/s If you are listening Microsoft you are way too arrogant.
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    Hi all,
    I have been suffering the same problem until I found the solution, open the web site that has a problem with java,
    1-click on Tools of your IE10 browser ----- then click compatibility view.
    if doesn't work repeat the step 1 then click on compatibility view setting then add the site and check.
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