can this be done?


  1. I use IE for work based stuff, and importantly for my example, I keep my work stuff skydrive/WPhone/contacts all nice and tight across the devices using all the MS tools [Lumia 800 (920 next week!!), surface pro when released, IE, skydrive/mail/outlook/contacts, exchange via SBS 2011, etc...)
  2. I use Chrome though for my personal browsing and research etc. because it is faster (and better for so many other reasons)... This is therefore currently set as my default browser.
  3. However, i now want to try to use the win8 interface and grow with it as i have every confidence that MS/Nokia know what they are doing with this. Now that skydrive is an app on my metro interface, I would like to use it as intended/designed. The problem is that when i open a file, or otherwise, it is opening in chrome. I want them to open in IE.

I want to keep my work stuff separate.

Any ideas on setting different default browsers based on the source app where the link is clicked...?