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IE 10 Win8 Wiped out HELP!

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    IE 10 Win8 Wiped out HELP!

    I started my computer, which I just loaded Win8 Pro on, & it wiped out my Internet Explorer !0.

    Now I can't get onto the Internet to download IE.

    I think this has to do with the EU rule about Web Browsers.

    What do I do now?

    Any Help will be appreciated!


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    IE on Win8 Wipeout

    Lou & Behold a window popped up & gave me a choice of what BROWSER to install!

    Luckily when I choose IE it loaded & had all my settings, task bar etc. back.

    It just shows what happens when STUPID governments get involved in our private life!

    Very Frustrated!!

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    Problem solved!!

    Still love Win8!!

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    what did you do to solve it?
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    As I was fuming, a pop up announced that I could choose a browser to download!

    I downloaded IE & all my settings were there!


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    You can also fix this by going into the default programs applet in the control panel and setting IE to the default - this causes the icons to pop back up where they would have been otherwise.
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    Never thought of that!


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IE 10 Win8 Wiped out HELP!
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