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Hyperlinks stopped working in Windows 8 Mail app

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    I don't understand.

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    Apparently I had the same problem the OP had, but it seems that apart from hyperlinks being unclickable it also affects other things, like authorization buttons for Win8 apps when you have to click "Yes" or "Sign In" to make that app connect (e.g. Xbox Live, Twitter etc.). I was struggling trying to solve this, and this thread pointed to that CLSID entry, deleting which helped me solve my problem.
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    OK thanks, The only problem I'm having is the Hyperlinks.
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    Hyperlinks stopped functioning for no apparent reason on my laptop. I have Windows 8 installed since it's release, so this issue is new. Today I also noticed that Internet Explorer Metro App would not launch at all and clicking on search results links in Bing search app did nothing.
    IE 10 would launch if I went into c/programs and clicked the exe. But it only launched desktop mode. Through forum browsing I solved that issue and I think collaterally solved the hyperlink problem in Mail app and IE app.
    Apparently, when IE is no longer the default browser, it only launches in desktop mode.
    I reset IE as default browser and now the IE Metro app works. At the same time, hyperlinks in the Mail app and Bing search app also have resumed functioning.
    So resetting IE as default browser was the solution for me. No need to touch registry.
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    I have the same problems with links not opening whitin the Start Menu Apps. Windows 8 Pro is installed from scratch, so it's not a direct upgrade from any other versions of Windows. Everything worked fine, until one day I got the exact same issues. So that was weird and I tried to do the rule out method and I finally found out that the issue, in my case, is caused by a program called Microangelo On Display. This is a program that changes or rather removes the shortcut arrows and UAC shield symbols from the icons. I tested it on a freshly installed version of Windows 8 and, in my case, there is no doubt that this interaction and the changes that program is doing, is the root of the problem. So I thought I was smart and reversed the actions, made by Microangelo On Display and the uninstalled the program. I deleted leftover folders/files from the program and did a whole reset of IE10 and made sure that it was set as my standard browser. Despite all that, I'm still left the the issue of links not opening in any apps.

    *** Update ***
    In fact, as mentioned previously in the thread, deleting the registry keys in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\CLSID did solve the problem. All the links works perfectly again in all apps. I did it on two PC's. One of the PC didn't have any entries (other than empty folders) whitin the CLSID, so I just deleted the empty strings/keys and left the main CLSID be. And as another one suggested in the thread to seperatly delete, on the other PC, I deleted the entries whitin CLSID, which was related to Microangelo On Display and voilá, everything worked great again immediately (no need for restarting).
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    My problem seems similar except when I click a link in Mail, Gmail inbox is opened as well as the target web site (2 tabs, inbox in front), any suggestions please
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    I think we should distinguish two situations here:

    1. some of the links that are formatted as a link do work. Technically these are coded as <a href....> However links that are just entered as plain text http://link.wherever are not clickable

    2. no link at all is clickable

    You can not distinguish these two by checking a mail in your web based gmail, as it automaticcaly makes the plain text links clickable. However, when clicking the drop down menu right of the reply button, there's a "show original" option, where you can check if the link in the e-mail is plain or formatted. Alternatively you could try sending yourself an email with two links, one in plain text and one formatted. You probably need to actively remove the link on one of the test links and maybe disable an option to automaticcaly parse links. It's that hard to keep a link unformatted, yet I get plenty of unformatted links in my incoming mail...

    I'm guessing that the "CLSID registry key fix" and the "make Internet Explorer the default browser fix", are fixes for situation 2, am i correct?

    There's also issues with the program that handles the mailto: links, like the post from Robandot above. These are not related, and I suggest he tries one of the threads about these kind of issues.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Allen Kuo View Post
    Finally, I have solved the issue. (Spend me about 5 hours ...)I use debug tool to trace the Windows run-time library line by line and compare the result with a new installed Win 8 device. I can say the issue should be a 'REGISTRY' related issue.

    My solution is:

    1. open regedit
    2. delete 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\CLSID' key. (You may need to do a backup before killing it.)
    3. reboot.

    Enjoy it !

    I also post the solution here:
    URL links in mail app wont open in Metro IE10 - Microsoft Community
    tks 4 ur help, but can't find that reg entry on my windows 8 x64... is that reg key just for 32 bits?
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    In my Win8.1 there isn't a numerical line beginning with an 8, what now?
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    Hey Robin, what are you talking about? This thread is a year old and the answer is as pizzaman9 said - the windows mail app doesn't parse plain text into urls. It just doesn't do it and that is that.

    What is the "numerical line beginning with 8"? Where do you expect to find such a thing and what do you thing it would do?
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Hyperlinks stopped working in Windows 8 Mail app
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