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IE10, these bugs seem familiar...

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    IE10, these bugs seem familiar...

    After using IE10 (the full version not the app) for a while I've noticed it seems to have the same problem IE9 had during the windows 7 beta (and well into windows 7's release for that matter).

    IE10 seems to have issues with flash/java on certain websites and buttons sometimes just don't work at all. This forces me to keep firefox installed just to access webpages that don't work. IE9 was worse than IE10 during the windows 7 beta and these days most but not all cases of this with IE9 have been fixed.

    So far I've only found problems on the Australian playstation site where you can't click the login button and I think somewhere else that I can't remember.

    I was wondering if anyone else has had the same problems? or am I really the only person still using IE?

    I have tried firefox and chrome and they're both terrible and IE still doesn't do everything I want. Sometimes I really wish I could make my own version of windows and programs for it.

    Also has anyone noticed that IE10 seems to use the IE8 download window that has "open, save, save as" as the options? IE9 used only the banner at the bottom of the window for downloads. What's with the blast from the past?
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    I go to a few web sites that have live streaming video (news, TV).
    The pause, volume and full screen button do not work sometimes.
    The most annoying is the full screen button.
    The controls work once in a while.
    I have tried going to IE Tools Options Security, I have removed all the securities.
    I have looked through the Advanced settings to see if there is anything.
    I have reset all these to the default.
    Tried compatibility view.
    Restarted the computer.
    Sometimes the controls work for no reason.
    My Java and Flash are up to date.

    I have been searching the web for answers to this problem for months.

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    Some examples and screenshots would probably be helpful - not knowing the pages, the code on the pages, and what the specific behavior is makes it very hard to provide any help. Compatibility view, for example, tells the website that you're using IE7 instead of IE8, IE9, or IE10, in the hopes that the problem is the website's logic for determining the page to send you. It doesn't change the rendering engine at all - it forces the rendering engine to try to render the page as if it was IE7, but it's *not* IE7, and there can be differences in the way the actual IE7 page rendered something and how IE8, 9, or 10 does. Also, if IE7 couldn't render the page properly, compatibility view isn't going to suddenly fix it in a newer version of the browser barring some miracle. So, if the page is serving horribly broken code to Internet Explorer or is purposefully designed to render poorly in IE (yes, this happens), compatibility view won't help.

    With that said, until we know what the actual problem is, telling you how to fix it doesn't help - we only know what doesn't work now, but nothing of what's actually wrong to try and help resolve it.
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    This is the web site I am having problems with.
    In the video stream window there are three controls.
    Pause - Play; volume, full screen.
    None of them work.

    Here is a screen shot.
    Watch Non-stop News on Fox News Live :
    Click image for larger version

    It works on my Toshiba Lap Top running Win 7 IE 10 and at work HP 5750 running Win XP IE 8.
    It works sometimes on my MS Surface Pro Win 8 IE 10 but most of the times it does not work.
    It worked at first then I notice it did not work unless I refreshed the page. Then it stopped working. I tried some changes in IE and it would work one time after I restarted then stop working.

    This site changes the video player it uses. When it changes to a different one it works. It uses the one in the screen shot more often.

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    I clicked on the link and watched the news. I got a brief message to update my FLV plugin but after that watched the entire video without an issue. I have Win 8 MSIE 10.
    Hope this helps.
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    Windows 8

    I have been getting an add saying that my plug in is not working properly, please update.
    I have the latest version of Java (7.21) and Flash (11.7.700.224).

    I looked a the File menu, Tools, and decided to click on InPrivate Browsing, another windows opens, I go to the web site that is causing the problem,
    Watch Non-stop News on Fox News Live :
    Watch Non-stop News on Fox News Live :
    I clicked the full screen command,
    It worked!!!
    I was so surprised.
    I am not confident it will continue to work. I have seen this before, it just stops working.
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IE10, these bugs seem familiar...
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