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WTF? New computer, and I have to PAY?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIW2 View Post
    I don't think it was ever free for win8 upgrade.

    It was free for win7 .

    The problem with that was - oem's would charge random amounts for "shipping" - anywhere from nothing to $30.

    At least it is standard this way.

    I think you were misinformed if you thought it was free.

    Unless Acer are doing some extra special offer where they will pay the $14.99 for you. It doesn't seem very likely.
    Hi there
    often when you buy something there's often a "Service" charge -- but when you ask for "The Service Charge" to be broken down on an invoice so you know what you are paying for all you generally get are blank looks.

    This whole area in consumer law is a TOTAL mess -- I've seen some cases where a product costs 7 EUR plus 15 EUR "Service charge" for essentially a piece of cable. Note the service charge was in ADDITION to postage / packing / shipping.

    Needless to say I didn't proceed with that particular transaction.

    If only the authorities in most countries would sort out this type of robbery and PROTECT the CONSUMER against blatant rip-off's rather than spending a fortune on seeing who is using the latest torrent site and going to court with expensive lawyers in charging a 16 year old 600,000 USD for downloading a film -- an amount that's NEVER EVER going to be remotely paid EVER.

    Of course since when does the consumer ever get a good deal from the law these days.

    If the EU commission started to make some sense out of consumer legislation - that would be sense -- but who ever expects sense to emerge from the EU commission anyway.


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    Hi, Mike!
    I agree, $15 is not ideal, but other Windows releases came with a full price upgrade option apposed to a small price.

    Microsoft was being, to a point, generous. Free could've always been better!
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    Considering that all they need to do is send yo ua reg code and a URL in email, $15 is outrageous. Doubly so considering that once you own the OS they have several different ways of making even MORE money off of you on a continuing basis. Windows 8 should almost be free for anyone given that it is now a huge advertising platform and continuous revenue stream for them...
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    I am running windows 8 consumer preview, if microsoft gives me the full version for $15.00 to 20.00 I will keep it otherwise i will locate a windows 7 disk. apple is very good for software upgrades and if you purchase it when it is released you get it very cheap.
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    Hmm.. can it be meant that by the end of October most of Eightforums members are running Windows 7?
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    I have seen the free upgrade to Win 8 in some superstore, may be a promotion to sell some selected laptop models.
    I found this today, "Acer refunds the cost of your Upgrade", so we can expect free upgrade offers as the date approaches.
    Acer Windows 8 Upgrade |
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    I don't like the fact that its not a "Full" copy so I can do a fresh install. That's the cleanest way to do it!
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    Quote Originally Posted by vsaelen View Post
    I don't like the fact that its not a "Full" copy so I can do a fresh install. That's the cleanest way to do it!
    You can do a clean install with the upgrade version. Previous version must be on system and doing upgrade will give you a choice to clean install. Different from Win 7 but still works.

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    That's Cool!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by stormy View Post
    I am running windows 8 consumer preview, if microsoft gives me the full version for $15.00 to 20.00 I will keep it otherwise i will locate a windows 7 disk. apple is very good for software upgrades and if you purchase it when it is released you get it very cheap.
    That's after you buy into apple for at least $1,100 for such. Mathematically, buying a competent laptop for 5-700 dollars, you can still buy Windows at full cost for a couple of versions at 200 dollars and still be less than a mac. Usually, apple declares after five years their older mac lineup to not be supported anymore, meaning you need to throw away your mac and buy a new one. Sure, software is usually real cheap or free, but you have a high buy in cost, and personally I find the mac os drab.
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WTF? New computer, and I have to PAY?

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