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Requirements to update to Win 8.1

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    Requirements to update to Win 8.1

    I've waited a while to update from Win 8 to Win 8.1 but I'm ready now.

    I have a faint memory of reading a number of posts about the difficulty of updating. I think one of them said that the update wouldn't work if the "My Documents" folder had been moved from it's default location. (in my case from the C: drive (SSD) to the D: drive (HDD).

    I've searched but can't find any reference to this problem.

    Does anyone know if this is true?

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    Just go for it.
    Either it will work or not.

    If not then post back here & we'll all discuss it
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    Just allow plenty of time, upgrading to 8.1 takes about three times as long as a clean load of W7 or 8
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    OK. I finally did it.

    The upgrade worked smoothly even with the "My Documents" folder located on the D: drive.

    I guess that I must have been having nightmares when I saw that it couldn't be done.

    Sorry for the useless post.
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    update windows 8.1

    keep getting messages my browser needs updating if i upgrade to windows 8.1 will i loose my bookmarks and pictures do i have to back them up. will some one please let me know dont want to loose everything...... will i have to backup my downloads and do i have to install firefox and chrome again
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    In theory, you shouldn't need to back up anything. The Win 8.1 upgrade process preserves all files, programs and settings.

    Nothing is perfect. If something goes wrong it is possible to loose data. Therefore, It's always safest to backup your data.

    In my case,
    -I updated to Win 8.1 on my laptop and everything was preserved and worked perfectly after the upgrade.
    -I updated to Win 8.1 on my desktop and it screwed up an FTP program called CuteFTP. All my setting were still there but the program didn't work properly. I re-installed it an all was well. The upgrade also caused a network printer issue. I had a shared printer on the system. After the upgrade, it was no longer shared. I had to set it to share again. Neither problem was significant - just annoying.

    Regardless, I'd never take a risk. I'd always backup before a major upgrade.
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    windows 8

    ok thanks thats a big help
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Requirements to update to Win 8.1

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